Ministry of Ethnical Affairs (Abelden)

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Ministry of Ethnical Affairs
Ministry overview
Formed10 January 2015
Dissolved19 July 2017
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Ethnical Affairs was a ministry in Abelden responsible for the ethnic policies, integrating culture, the people's needs and cultural policies and activities.

The ministry is regarded to as one of the most important positions in the Cabinet since it handles all the peoples needs and cultural activities. The ministry had a lot of candidates during the elections; with all four candidates being present.

Following a major reorganisation of the Cabinet, the ministry was abolished on 19 July 2017 and the Ministry of Culture succeeded its responsibilities. The last minister was Karl Friedrich, who held the office since 27 February 2017.


Some of the responsibilities the ministry takes are:

  • Government policy relating to moral principles; and
  • Dealing with cultural affairs in the Empire and the Commonwealth


Minister of Ethnical Affairs of the
Abeldane Empire
Current logo of the ministry
StyleThe Right Honourable
Term lengthAt His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderAndrew Janiszewski
Formation10 January 2015

Below is the list of Ethnical Affairs Ministers of Abelden. The term length is at the Monarch's pleasure.

Name Image Term of office Political party Vorsitzender
The Duke of Nayhemia 10 January 2015 17 July 2015 New Democratic The Duke of Nayhemia
Vaughan Smith
Paweł Sadowski
HI&RH the Duke of Pleston
HI&RM the Former Empress
HI&RM the Former Empress 13 March 2016 27 June 2016 Independent, later PEJP Damian Billbrough
The Duke of Creton
The Duke of Volkania
Emiel Hardy
Patrick Renwick
Richard Hytholoday, Baron Hytholoday File:Lordly pic.png 14 October 2016 27 February 2017 Independence The Duke of Brandburg
Emiel Hardy
The Duke of Middleham
Karl Friedrich 27 February 2017 19 July 2017 Democratic-Liberty
later Abeldane National Party
The Earl of New Keutschen
The Marquis of Caerdydd
The Marquis of Bessatre
Position abolished