Abeldane Telegraph

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Abeldane Telegraph
Like L'sydunche but with news
TypeOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Horatio Eden
Founder(s)Horatio Eden
PublisherDaily Micronational Corporation
Editor-in-chiefHoratio Eden
Political alignmentUnited Rhinoceros
HeadquartersBrandburg, Satirno, Abeldane Empire
Sister newspapersDaily Micronational

The Abeldane Telegraph is an online newspaper circulated within the Abeldane Empire that deals with issues relating to Abeldane politics and news, as well as occasionally dealing with intermicronational issues. Founded by Abeldane Attorney General Horatio Eden following the Abeldane federal election campaign in December of 2017 and the resulting Decembergate scandal, it was originally hosted on Wordpress before moving to its own domain at abeldanetelegraph.com.

It has covered a number of Abeldane news stories, including the resolution to the Decembergate scandal, the Alexander campaign for the First Ministership, Eden's own promotion to the position of Minister-President of Satirno, and the ejection of Michael Thomas Brazeau from the federal legislature, the Reichsversammlung, among others.

It has something of a running rivalry with the Abeldane newspaper L'Sydunche generally - its motto referring to itself as "Like L'sydunche but with news" - and with L'Sydunche editor Tarik Kârjasary specifically, quoting him as referring to the Abeldane Telegraph as "quality jorunalism".[1]


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