Daily Micronational

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Daily Micronational

The logo of the newspaper
Founded 9 November 2015
Headquarters Daily Micronational Tower, New Edenopolis, Amissopian Federation
Format Online
Type News website
Political allegiance Unspecified
Language(s) English
Published on Website (link)
Distribution International
Employed 5
Editor-in-chief Horatio Eden

The Daily Micronational is a micronational news service owned and operated by Horatio Eden, who carries the title of Editor-in-chief. The newspaper, which, despite the title, does not have a set-in-stone publishing schedule, has written on topics ranging from the numerous times DRCC General Secretary Ava Neasa has been sued to the Nolandish Prime Ministerial elections.


The news service currently has three writers (expanded beyond the sole one in early May), all of whom regularly write a wide variety of issues. Editor-in-chief Horatio Eden remains the journalist most essential to the survival of the service, having founded the paper. The second journalist is micronational experimenter and businessman Henry Twain, and the newest addition is John V.


The Daily Micronational headquarters are situated in the Amissopian Federation, where its editor-in-chief, Horatio Eden, is president. It moved there on the 17 September 2018, following the continued inactivity of the previous host micronation, the Realms of Valdsland.