New Edenopolis

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New Edenopolis
Flag of New Edenopolis
Country Amissopian Federation
Established2 July 2018
Founded byHoratio Eden
State capitalLos Papangeles
 • Federal KingHoratio Eden
 • Total0
Time zoneBritish Standard Time

New Edenopolis is a state on the western coast of the mainland of the Amissopian Federation. The state is bordered to the west by the Amissopian Dry Sea and the Beachhead Atoll, to the north by the state of New New Jersey, to the east by the state of Madison, and to the south by the state of The Badlands. The state is third largest in Amissopia by area, behind The Badlands and East Amissopia, and joint last in population, with zero registered citizens. The largest city, Los Papangeles, is the state capital, while Tower Hill is a notable New Edenopolitical township for its hosting of the headquarters of both the Daily Micronational (the Daily Micronational Tower) and the Amissopian Enquirer (the Amissopian Enquirer Building) on Fleet Street.

The state is divided into four counties: County Eden in the north-west, County Renwick in the south-west, County Scrap in the south-east, and County Fleet in the north-east. County Fleet and County Scrap are particularly notable for splitting the town of Tower Hill through the middle: the underdeveloped south side is contained by County Scrap, while the DM Tower and the Amissopian Enquirer Building are both on the more urbanised north side in County Fleet.

New Edenopolis has the second longest coastline in Amissopia after East Amissopia, which borders the entire eastern coast of the Federation. It is, additionally, the most densely urbanised of the Amissopian states in terms of volume of towns and cities - it has three municipalities, one city and two townships - though like every state except Madison District, which hosts the President of Amissopia, ranks last for population size. Topologically and geographically, the state is very similar to its cohort, with the terrain almost entirely flat.

Notable buildings