Amissopian Enquirer Building

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Amissopian Enquirer Building
Building in the Amissopian Federation
Amissopian Enquirer Building from the south-eastern side. Daily Micronational Tower also pictured.
First built
18 September 2018
Building information
LocationTower Hill (County Fleet)
New Edenopolis
Amissopian Federation
Built byHoratio Eden
Owned byAmissopian Enquirer
Opened17 September 2018
Technical information
Floor count4

The Amissopian Enquirer Building is a building in Tower Hill, New Edenopolis, Amissopia. Constructed on the 18 September 2018, the Amissopian Enquirer Building houses the headquarters of the Amissopian government newspaper the Amissopian Enquirer, as well as the personnel office of Horatio Eden, who serves jointly as government appointed editor-in-chief of the newspaper and as President of Amissopia.

Construction for the building was approved by the Amissopian Federal Architecture Regulatory Board on the 18 September 2018, and construction was commenced on the same day. The building was constructed next door to the Daily Micronational Tower in Tower Hill. The building is made of cardboard and is secured to the ground with sellotape. The Amissopian Enquirer Building is the third tallest free-standing structure in Amissopia after the Daily Micronational Tower, which is the tallest, and the President's Spire in Madison District, which is the second tallest.