President's Spire

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President's Spire
Building in the Amissopian Federation
President's Spire from the south-western side
First built
19th September, 2018
Building information
Location Madison District
Amissopian Federation
Built byHoratio Eden
Owned byAmissopian Federation
Opened19th September, 2018
Technical information
Floor count8

The President's Spire (also known as the Federal Spire or, within Amissopia, simply as the Spire) is the residence and workplace of the President of the Amissopian Federation. It is located in Madison District and has been the residence of the President since its construction on the 19th of September, 2018 by President Horatio Eden. President Eden intended for the President's Spire to serve as the principal offices and workplace of the entire federal government, including the Presidential Advisory Council, the Amissopian legislature, though this status has yet to be enshrined in law.

The Spire is the second tallest free-standing tower in the Amissopian Federation after the Daily Micronational Tower in New Edenopolis.