Capital Line

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Capital Line
Flag of Amissopia
ConnectsNational capitals

The Capital Line or M1 is a highway in the Amissopian Federation. It links the various state capitals of the Amissopian mainland together and connects them to both the federal capital - the Madison District - and the capitals on the Beachhead Atoll. It is the only road in the Federation that travels through every state and the federal district and, furthermore, the only road that travels through the federal district.

All subordinate roads (except the Jersey Interstate, which crosses the New New Jersey/East New New Jersey state line, Capitol Street, which links East New New Jersey's Carlton Township to the state capitol of Harrison, the Newton Interstate, which crosses the Brandburg/East Amissopia state line, Canyon Road South, which links Harlem Township in the Badlands to the Canyon at the Edge of the World, and the Madison Capital Highway, which connects the Madison State capital of Madison City with Jefferson Township) branch off of the Capital Line.

Connected roads

The following roads are connected to the Capital Line:

  • Canyon Road North (M2): Connects the Capital Line to Harlem Township, BL;
  • Federal Road (M4): A road exclusively for the use of federal officials in travelling between the Capital Line and Lake Venom, a restricted area;
  • East Jersey Road (M7): Connects the Capital Line with Carlton Township, NJ;
  • West Jersey Road (M8): Connects the Capital Line through the New New Jersey capital of Pleston with Alexton Township, NJ;
  • Fleet Street (M16): Connects the Capital Line to Tower Hill, NE.