Abeldane Commonwealth

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Abeldane Commonwealth
Abeldanisches Commonwealth
Commonwealth d'Abelden
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters Council of the Commonwealth States Forum, Skype

Official language English, German and French

Membership 9 member states

Head Stephen
Chairman Damian I
Deputy Chairman Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton

– Foundation 14 August 2014
– Ceased becoming an integral part Abelden 1 August 2015
– Intermicronational organisation 6 October 2015

Website Official Website

The Abeldane Commonwealth (German: Abeldanishces Commonwealth; French: Commonwealth d'Abelden) is an intermicronational organisation that was formerly governed by the Abeldane Empire to 'help developing and inactive micronations and their governments be active and increase foreign relations and influence'. The Commonwealth was an integral part of Abelden from the beginning of its establishment until the 1 August 2015, when the Imperial Government decided to remove it as a part of Abelden. The Commonwealth is now an intermicronational organisation since 6 October 2015, with its aims the same from the beginning of its establishment. It currently has 8 Commonwealth member states, with Alenshka being the founding member of the Commonwealth. The logo was designed by the Head of the Commonwealth, Stephen of Abelden. Currently, it works intergovernmental with other members as to provide them the needs of a micronation.



Listed below are the members of the Abeldane Commonwealth and dates when they joined. Currently, the Commonwealth has 6 members, 4 of which are headed and governed by HIRM Emperor Stephen because of the previous requirements to join the Commonwealth; and 2 of which are republics governed by their own leaders. Abelden is not a member of the Commonwealth since it governs the Commonwealth but formally joined on the 22 November 2015 after fully giving up on administering the Commonwealth.

Full members

Former members

Gallery of coats of arms of members