Kingdom of Morgannwg

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Kingdom of Morgannwg
Teyrnas Morgannwg (Welsh)

Coat of arms
Motto: Per Dei gratium
Latin: By God's grace!
Anthem: Der Königgrätzer Marsch
National and Imperial Anthem
CapitalDublaith (de jure)
Middleham (de facto)
Largest cityCaerdydd
Official languagesWelsh, English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
James Frisch
Establishment3rd November, 2013
• Census
Time zoneGMT
This is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire.

Morgannwg (/mɔrˈɡanʊɡ/), officially known as the Kingdom of Morgannwg (Welsh: Teyrnas Morgannwg), is a federal state in the Abeldane Empire. It was previously known as Amon Lasgalen until the King, Llewelyn, decided to change it to Morgannwg.


The name Kingdom of Morgannwg is taken from the name of the County which formerly was the core claim, and the name of the noble family that King Llewelyn claimed lineage from and has restored.

The old name "Amon Lasgalen" comes from the Sindarin words amon (hill) and lasgalen (green leaves). The name therefore means hill of green leaves.


The flag is a combination of Saint Piran's Cross and Saint David's Cross. It is a White cross outlined in Gold against a Black field



Amon lasgalen began as a state of Kozlova, a deceased micronation, created in June 2012. Its initial name was "Aztoka", but after the September revolution, the state was re-created as Amon lasgalen.


The king, Llewelyn Lawton decided that Lasgalen should join the Sorrenian Federation, as he had a prominent role in the Federation. Lasgalen joined Sorrenia on the same day that it was created (03/11/13). On the 2nd of February, the King left Sorrenia and Amon Lasgalen, after his party, the Centralist Anglican Party was abolished, due to a law stating that religion and state affairs must be separate. Llewelyn had been considering leaving micronationalism for a number of days, and he stated that "It was this that finally broke it for me, I no longer care for micronationalism".


As the king had provided no heirs to succeed him, it was decided by the President of Sorrenia, Miles of Sorrenia and the Prime Minister of Sorrenia, Emanuel Terranova that a leader must be appointed until a more permanent leader can be chosen. The Prime Minister of Doppeland was appointed as Lord Regent of Amon Lasgalen, as no King was available to rule.

Return of the King

Llewelyn would later return and retake the throne. In June 2016 Morgannwg joined the Abeldane Empire as a federal state, though quickly slipped into inactivity. In August 2018 Morgannwg was completely inactive and King Llewelyn gone. As a response, Abeldane Emperor Newton deposed him by Imperial Decree on 28 August 2018, replacing him with Anthony.

Reign of Queen Sian

King Anthony would however not be able to regenerate activity in the state, and in January 2019 activity in Morgannwg was again at a low. Through Imperial Decree, Emperor Newton in turn deposed Anthony on 7 January 2019, and replaced him with his consort, Sian. Activity improved somewhat under the reign of Sian, with the Kingdom attempting to establish a more functional, democratic government through the inconclusive June executive election. The inconclusive result lead to a repeat of the election the following month, which made Richard Hytholoday the Chief Minister. By November 2019 however he had become inactive, and Queen Sian replaced him with Nicholas Randouler, and in February 2020, James Frisch. Morgannwg enacted its second constitution under Frisch in March. Following the enactment of new constitution a general election was held, which resulted in Frisch's uncontested re-election as Chief Minister, now called the Prif Weinidog.


Flag Arms Name Population Abbr Established Leader
Sir Ddublaeth
21 June 2020 Vacant
Arglwydd Raglaw
Lord Lieutenant
Sian von Uberquie
Dwyrain Hywlraffau
East Halyards
Newton von Uberquie
Sir Gaerdydd
21 June 2020 Vacant
Arglwydd Raglaw
Lord Lieutenant
Caerdydd Vacant
Sir Gredyn
21 June 2020 Vacant
Arglwydd Raglaw
Lord Lieutenant
Middleham Vacant
Map of the territories of Morgannwg by the Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Op

Political Factions

Party Affiliation Ideology Spectrum Leader Foundation Senedd Seats Logo
Plaid Ddemocrataidd (Democratic Party) PD N/A States rights
Centre James Frisch 9 March 2020
3 / 5
Y Teyrngarwyr (The Loyalists) T PRG Royalism Centre-Left Newton von Uberquie 9 March 2020
2 / 5