Prif Weinidog of Morgannwg

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Prif Weinidog Morgannwg (Welsh)
Chief Minister of Morgannwg (English)
CoA of Morgannwg.svg
James Frisch

since 9 March, 2020
StyleThe Right Honourable
AppointerQueen of Morgannwg
Term lengthSix months
Inaugural holderJames Frisch
Formation9 March 2020

The Prif Weinidog of Morgannwg (Welsh: /priːv wei̯ˈniːdɔɡ/), or in English, Chief Minister is the head of government of the Abeldane federal state of Morgannwg. The Prif Weinidog must be one of the three members of the legislature of Morgannwg, the Senedd. The Prif Weinidog is elected no sooner than every six months. Currently, the office is occupied by The Right Honorable James Frisch, who is the inaugural holder of the office of Prif Weinidog, having previously been Chief Minister.


The Constitution of Morgannwg specifies that the English translation of Prif Weinidog is Chief Minister, but as with many offices in Morgannwg, the Welsh term is used in English both informally and in legal texts, including the Constitution itself. "Chief Minister" was the name of the office before the Constitution was enacted, with no Welsh equivalent.

List of Prif Weinidogion

Portrait Name Term of office Other offices
held whilst incumbent
Political party Government Monarch
The Right Honourable
James Frisch
9 March
Incumbent N/A Ddemocrataidd Frisch (I) Sian
Queen of Morgannwg
Inaugural holder; was previously Chief Minister