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James Reginald Frisch is the founder and Rector of the Serene Beaconite Republic. Frisch has been involved in micronations since January 2012, when he founded New Winterdown, the precedessor to Beacon City. Frisch has served in other prominent roles in various micronations, including Speaker of the Mercian Parliament House, First Minister of Nolland, and Generalmememarschall of the Abeldane Empire. He also maintains a dubious claim to the title of "Interim President of France"; it is unclear how related this role is to the macronation known as France.

Micronational career

Serene Beaconite Republic

Frisch founded the Empire of New Winterdown in January 2012, becoming Emperor James I and beginning his micronational career. Emperor James began as a diarch with co-diarch Emperor Susanoo, but later unilaterally removed Susanoo and became monarch. Emperor James reigned as an absolute monarch for the remainder of the lifespan of New Winterdown. Later, with the foundation of the Beaconite Empire, Emperor James established a formal legislature formed by direct democracy, and with the formation of the Serene Beaconite Republic abandoned the monarchical position entirely in favour of the directly democratic legislature. Frisch now serves as Rector, also informally acting in various executive roles.


Frisch served as the Minister of Interior and Security from 25 January 2017 to the 4 April. He later joined the Federalist Party and won the party nomination for Stellvertreter, ultimately losing but delivering the Federalists their best result at the federal level. Frisch later retired from Abeldane politics.

In late 2019, Frisch returned to Abeldane politics, winning a seat in the Reichsversammlung for Populares at the December 2019 elections and being granted the cabinet role of Generalmememarschall. In March, after the victory of Patrick Renwick for Populares in the March 2019 executive elections, Frisch declined a seat in the Reichsregierungkabinett.

Frisch was appointed Chief Minister of the Abeldane state of Morgannwg in February, and tasked with writing a constitution to revive the inactive state. Following public and private consultations, the new constitution was given Imperial Assent on 9 March 2020, establishing the new Morgannwg government. Later that month, Frisch was elected Prif Weinidog (the new name for the Chief Minister) with no opposition, and his Plaid Ddemocrataidd concurrently won a majority in the new Senedd.


Frisch is the founder and former member of the Green Party, which he created on 12 June 2017. Frisch served as Heaminister from 20 March 2017 until 2 November. He also served as the Chancellor of the Treasury between 20 March and 25 June. The Green Party has since remained inactive.



having [sic] quotes on your page is kinda cringe

— Frisch on MicroWiki@Discord in 2020.