Order of the Heart

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Order of the Heart
Left: Obverse Right: Reverse
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Ikonia
TypeMerit order
Established17 November 2018
CountryKingdom of Ikonia
EligibilityAwarded to the utmost greatest friends of Ikonia or the King
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHM Abrams I
GradesSovereign, Knight/Dame
Next (higher)Order of St Thomas and St Andrew
Next (lower)Order of Merit

The Order of the Heart is the third-highest chivalric order in the Kingdom of Ikonia. It is only awarded by the monarch. The Order of the Heart is only awarded to friends of the kingdom, or the King as an award for loyal friendship. The order can be awarded posthumously.


There are three grades in the Order of the Heart. Knights and Dames get the post-nominal OH after their name, and don the honorific prefix of "Sir" or "Dame" such as with Sir Deshawn Troche—this serves as a proxy to having the Sir and Dame titles without being formally granted one through a knight/dame-hood. The grades are as follows:

  • Sovereign of the Order of the Heart
  • Honorable Knight/Dame of the Order of the Heart (only posthumous)
  • Knight/Dame of the Order of the Heart


Kevin Baugh holding his personal deed
Nation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested Grade Sources & Notes
Ikonia His Majesty Abrams I 17 November 2018 Sovereign [n 1]
 New Rizalia His Excellency Seann Torres OH KCM 2 January 2019 Knight [1]
 Molossia His Excellency Kevin Baugh OH 2 January 2019 Knight [1]
 Posaf His Excellency Nicholas Randouler OH 2 January 2019 Honorable Knight [1][n 2]
 Landland Her Honourable Tyranny Mel I OH 17 February 2019 Dame [1]
 Ikonia The Right Honourable Charles Kirby OH PC 8 March 2019 Knight [1]
Kapreburg His Majesty Jackson I KD GCTA OH OM KPM 2 April 2019 Knight [1]
American Samoa Sir Daniel Te'o Nesheim OH 14 April 2019 Honorable Knight [2][n 3]
 Ikonia His Honour Haida Allen KD OH OM MC PC 2 May 2019 Knight [1]
 Ikonia Sir Deshawn Troche OH 12 May 2019 Knight [1]
 Ikonia Sir Benjamin Baruah OH 22 May 2019 Knight [1]
 Ikonia Sir Angel Davila OH Bt 15 May 2019 Knight [1]
 Ikonia Mother Emma LD OH KVM 18 August 2019 Dame [1]
 Cuba The Right Honourable Jose Lopez OH 18 August 2019 Knight [1]
 United States Mister Gavin Kingsley OH 1 September 2019 Knight [2]
 New Virginia Her Excellency Dame Brooklyn Hewitt OH 6 November 2020 Dame [2]
Damariscotta The Right Honourable Sir Otto Gillespie Birch KCTA OH 20 November 2020 Knight [2]
 Yu-Xia His Imperial Majesty Matthew Xia OH 25 December 2020 Knight [2]
Baustralia His Majesty John 25 December 2020 Knight [2]
Serene Beaconite Republic His Excellency James Frisch OH 25 December 2020 Knight [2]
 Paloma Sir Oscar Chomps OH 28 February 2021 Honorable Knight [2][n 4]
 Atiera His Majesty Alexander I 7 March 2021 Knight [2]
 Revalia Sir Sander Koff OH 25 March 2021 Knight [2]
 Ikonia Dame Heather Hackett-McGrath OH 28 March 2021 Dame [2]
 Vishwamitra Her Exalted Highness Tanishkaa Patranabish OH 17 April 2021 Dame [2]
 Vishwamitra His Grace Dhrubajyoti Roy KD GCTA OH PC 22 April 2021 Knight [2]
 Oskonia His Majesty Tucker I OH 22 April 2021 Knight [2]


  1. Received as fount of honour
  2. Received before death, was upgraded from Knight to Honorable Knight
  3. Received posthumously, is cousin of Abrams I of Ikonia
  4. Received posthumously, was pet fish of Aidan McGrath