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Discord is a free-to-use text, voice and video chat application. It can be used from within the web browser, or downloaded, with the link for both available on the homepage of its website:

MicroWiki@Discord is primarily used for speedy admin support, bug reports, collaboration on projects or editing, peer help with editing, Micronational and general discussion. Be aware that the Code of Conduct also applies to the Discord.


Since the purpose of the Discord server is to facilitate easier communication between editors of MicroWiki, users need to verify with their MicroWiki accounts. In the following example, the MicroWiki account your username is YourCurrentWikiUserName and your Discord name and tag is YourCurrentDiscordUserName#7532. To verify, follow these simple steps:

  • Join the Discord server with the link above.
  •  Make sure you are logged in on MicroWiki.
  • Create a page in your userspace, User:YourCurrentWikiUserName/Discord with the source editor (Create source option in the top bar next to search). Into this page, paste your Discord name (and tag, if your account still has one) for example, YourCurrentDiscordUserName or YourCurrentDiscordUsername#1234).
  • Click the Wiki Account Verification button and paste into your Wiki username (in our example, YourCurrentWikiUserName). Alternatively, use the /verify slash command (in our example, /verify YourCurrentWikiUserName).
  • Congratulations, you have the role now!

If you do not get the role, ensure you have done all of the above, that the page with your Discord username contains no extra characters (it must ONLY contain your Discord name and tag - nothing else, no extra lines, no extra words in front or after your username) and to be sure, double check your checking. If there is still an issue, please contact one of the online server staff (server moderators), the bot may be malfunctioning, but that is usually not likely. We get several users a week who do not understand the verification system and fail to get verified without staff suport due to them not following these steps. Once these steps get explained, the verification is always successful. We do not grant manual verification unless we are absolutely sure the bot is down, and if so, it is only temporary.


  1. Be Respectful: In this community, you are essentially a statesman, so leaving others with a good impression is important. However, you shouldn't take things too seriously, as others may be here for a variety of different reasons. Avoid being confrontational, irritable, or sanctimonious; just remember to keep it fun!
  2. Keep It Civil: All discussions should be civil and respectful. Talks of suicide/self-harm, the avocation of violence, threats, blatant racism and bigotry are strictly prohibited, and ensure that you are respectful of others when discussing controversial topics such as politics or religion. Remember that the server is made up of people from a range of backgrounds and cultures.
  3. Keep it Safe-For-Work: The discussion or sharing of pornographic content, nudity and sexual themes/fantasies, and the promotion of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.
  4. Keep Discussions to the Relevant Channels: General discussions go in #general, whilst discussions about real-world politics go in #world-affairs. While we allow discussions on various topics, we are, first-and-foremost, a server about micronationalism and MicroWiki.
  5. Impersonation: Impersonation of other users, or micronationalists, is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban if not immediately rectified
  6. Language: MicroWiki is a community of many different languages, but this server is English only.
  7. Listen to the Administration Team: While you have a voice in this community, you must listen to the directions of the Server Moderators. In wiki-related channels, follow the guidance of the wiki administrators. Disagreements should be taken to private messages.
  8. Follow Discord's Rules: We enforce the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.