Imperial Regalia of Abelden

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The Imperial Regalia of Abelden are the regalia used during coronations and other ceremonial ceremonies, such as opening of the parliament, by the Abeldane Monarch. The regalia is all kept under high security in the Imperial Residence.

File:Abeldane Regalia.jpg
The Imperial Regalia of Abelden, without the sceptre and the orb.

Security and care

The Imperial Regalia is extremely important and cannot be replaced. The regalia is kept on a plain black box and stored under 25 degrees Celsius. The crown is extremely fragile and needed to be taken care of. The silver color of the crown wears off very easily and the glittery paint of the crown sticks to the person's hands. The crown was repainted again with a silver paint, but it doesn't wear off.


Imperial Crown

File:Imperial Crown Abelden.jpg
The Imperial Crown of Abelden

The Imperial Crown is made of a steel crown and at each cross-pattee there is a jewel attached in the middle. The cross-pattee is each separated by a fleur-de-lis. The Imperial Crown was bought by a friend of the Emperor and used it as the coronation crown.

The Imperial Crown was used by Stephen and used only once. A laurel crown may be used for coronation if the Monarch is abroad or far away. Another way of that is approval of the Parliament and anointing of the oil into the Monarch.

Cape of Abelden

File:Cape of Abelden.jpg
Cape of Abelden

The Cape of Abelden is a tiny cape worn by the Monarch before the placing of the crown upon the head. The cape can be detached or attached. The cape may also be worn immediately, unless if the head of the monarch fits through it. The cape symbolizes the absolute and constitutional role over Abelden and freedom over Abelden.

The Cape of Abelden is only worn once by the Monarch during the coronation.

Personal Standard

File:Personal Standard Stephen.jpg
The personal standard of Stephen of Abelden.

The personal standard is included in every coronation and the standard design changes when there is a new Monarch. The personal standard is used when the Monarch is present in that place he/she is visiting.

Imperial Robes

The Imperial Robes are purely blue and the robe is worn after the Anointing of the oil. The Imperial Robes are no longer needed to be tied around the Monarch's neck since it has an attachable pin for it to be placed around the neck. The Imperial Robes are long and a page person may be needed to carry it.

Anointing Robe

The Anointing Robe is used only when the Monarch is anointed by oil on the head as a sign of respect and dignity to Abelden and its people. The Anointing Robe is not removed even after the coronation and is worn inside the Imperial Robe.

Orb and sceptre

The orb and sceptre are held by the Monarch after the Cape of Abelden is worn. The orb and sceptre symbolizes the authority over the people and the country. The sceptre was first used by Stephen. The sceptre is currently under redesigning.