Imperial Central Bank

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Imperial Central Bank
Banc central imperial
Kaiserliche Zentralbank
Banque centrale imperiale

Headquarters Pleston, Alenshka
Established 6 June 2014
as Commissioners of Currency of Abelden
Governor Vacant
Central bank of Abelden
Currency Trimole (ABT)
Reserves ABT 13500

The Imperial Central Bank (German: Kaiserliche Zentralbank French: Banque Centrale Imperiale) is the central bank of the Abeldane Empire, Legatia and Andrestan. The Imperial Central Bank has the right to issue the Abeldane trimole, the official currency of Abelden, and is the only authority allowed to issue it. The current governor of the Imperial Central Bank is Samuel Carnogursky since 1 August 2020.


Before the establishment of the Imperial Central Bank, Abelden and the Commonwealth members relied on their respective local currencies and had no currency. Abelden had already established the Abeldane Currency Commissioners on the same day Abelden was established and Emperor Stephen became the Governor. The Abeldane Currency Commissioners provided initial preparation for a central bank in Abelden and the Commonwealth and a preparation for the new currency, the Trimole. On the 11 August 2014, the Abeldane Currency Commissioners was replaced by the Imperial Central Bank and the Emperor became the first Governor of the Imperial Central Bank. No banknotes were issued under the ACC and it was only until 28 August 2014 that the new trimole notes were issued for the first time by the Imperial Central Bank.

Currently, the Imperial Central Bank is the central bank of Abelden, Legabelden, Alenshka, Dolangrad and other members of the Abeldane Commonwealth. The trimole freely circulates around all these nations, including Legatia, which the Legatian Pound is pegged to the Trimole and has the same equivalent as the Trimole.


  • Issue banknotes and coins
  • Act as the bank of the government
  • Controller of credit and money supply
  • Exchange controller and custodian to all foreign exchange
  • Responsible for the Last resort

List of Governors


  1. Served as the Governor of the Abeldane Currency Commissioners from 6 June 2014 until 11 September 2014.