Empire of Militarmia

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Empire of Militarmia


Flag of Militarmia.png
Greater coat of Arms of Militarmia.png
Coat of Arms

Liberté - Intégrité - Paix
O Militarmia!
Capital city Frostyland
Largest city Frostyland
Official language(s) French, English
Demonym Militarmian
Government Kingdom
- King Stephanus
- Prime Minister Kaushik Legata
Legislature Le Parlement de Militarmia
- Type - unicameral
Area claimed 0.6km²
Population 36
Currency Trimole
Time zone (UTC±0 to +1)
National animal Pigeon
This nation is a member of the G-12 Peace.

Militarmia, also known as Empire of Militarmia (French: Empire de Militarmia) is a micronation located in Asia. It was founded by Stephen Freayth and Kaushik Legata. The Militarmian territories are located at Philippines and UAE. The nation was founded in 18 August 2012.

Militarmia uses the type of government as Constitutional Monarchy. Previously, Militarmia was Republic, until 24 June 2013.

Militarmia is currently doing new technologies and experiments. Militarmia's goal for peace was gained through groups and help.


The name "Militarmia" came from the word "Military". The word was found by HRH Kaushik Legata. Also, the purpose of the name was to form a peaceful military.


After the conflict, Stevania had made enemies, like Spaniote.[1] Flandrensis made a message through the king via e-mail.

Stevania was disestablished. Kingdom of Fortania was established. It's effort to make diplomatic relations with Ledicarus failed. Fortania was renamed to Kingdom of Rostyland. It became quiet through those times.

Militarmia was established in March 27, 2013. HRH Kaushik Legata and the King, talked things important and established a one together country called Legamilitarmia. It was established by November 2012.


Any religions are accepted within Militarmia.


Militarmia's currency is called the Trimole. The printers of the banknotes is MiliWorks. MiliWorks design the banknotes themselves and everything.



  1. Also Stevania became enemies with Atlantium, Westarctica, and Ruritania