Militarmian Monarchy

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Emperor of Militarmia
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveDonald West
First monarchStephanus
Formation18 August 2012

The Militarmian Monarchy, constitutionally called The Royal Throne, is the political institution that contains the Monarch and The Royal Family.

The constitutional title of the office is Monarch - males; Emperor, females; Empress. The current monarch is HIRM Emperor Stephanus, who ascended the throne on 18 August 2012.

Powers and Duties

According to the laws and the constitution, the Emperor can do the following:

  • The power to approve the newly elected Prime Minister.
  • The power to appoint private and secretaries.
  • The power to appoint the members of The Imperial Parliament.
  • The power to issue Royal Decrees and force them into power.
  • The power to fire the members of The Imperial Parliament and shut down the government.
  • The power to hold the title: His Imperial Royal Autocratic Majesty/Suus Imperiosus Regius Autocratica Maiestas


Early History

The monarchy of Militarmia was established on 12 August 2012.