G-12 Peace

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G-12 Peace
Intermicronational organization

Anthem "None"

Headquarters Headquarters of heads (Skype)

Official language English.

Recognised languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, Romanian, Dutch.

Membership 19 full member nations, 2 observing members

Secretary-General Stephen I & II
Vice Secretary-General Nabil Ihsan
Head of the Security Council Harry Fitzpatrick

– Foundation 25 June 2012
- Declared inactive 21 February 2015

Official Website

The Group of 12 micronations for Peace, more know as G-12 Peace, is an intermicronational organization for peace and help micronations with diplomatic relations.

The G-12 Peace is currently headed by the founder. As September, The People's State of San Andreas has canceled it's membership and communications. Currently nothing is happening. The Meetings is held every Friday and Sunday.

Member states

Founding states

Complete 12 Member states

Rest of the members

  • Republic of Vetria
  • People's Glorious Republic of Juntaria
  • Holy Khristios Empire
  • Federal Republic of Grunkia
  • Republic of New Finland
  • Principality of Akharnes
  • Cockatiel Empire
  • Principality of Griffonia


  • Republic of Atlantis
  • Republic of Lostisland


  • Union of Draegan Republics


The Group of 12 micronations was founded on June 25, 2012 for alliances and peace. The G-12 can maxinum it's members. HRITM Steven established this because for no war and for peace throughout the micronations.


Henrinich of Fortania was overthrown. Henrinich didn't care about the G- 12 at that time, but Migs Caldeo has tookover. When Henrinich heard the news, he then established Fortania again. Establishment on July 15, 2012=

Due on the establishment again of Fortania, the new head is the First Secretary-General of G-12 again. Migs Caldeo was not the official head. Henrinich then fired People's State of San Andreas .

Organiztion The G-12 uses the languages English as the offcial language. It's main office is at Tismoleli, Fortania and Dredim, Los Bay Petros. General AssemblyEdit The General Assembly is the main deliberative assembly of G-12. The members meet at least a year. The preisdent of the assembly is elected. Whoever got the highest votes will become the president of the assembly. It should be about three-thirds. The members meet at Skype for the meeting. If any members dosen't have any Skype, they shall use the official facebook group of G-12.

Security CouncilEdit The Security Council provides peace for every nations. Any members shall not make anything bad about G-12. The Security Council is made up of 10 members, consisting 5 permanent members-Fortania, Los Bay Petros, Indokistan, Monovia, and Juntaria.

SecretariatEdit The G-12 secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General of G-12. It provides the things that needed and promblems to be solve. Secretary-GeneralEdit Main Article: Secretary-General of G-12 The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General of G-12, the leader of G-12. The current Secretary-General is Henrinich of Fortania.

The Secretary-General is appointed in the General Assembly. after being recommended by the Security Council, where the permanent members have the veto power.