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Abelden is a semi-absolutist monarchy with a multi-party democratic system. Party politics occur within the framework of the legislature, a unicameral parliament known as the Reichsversammlung. Members of the Reichsversammlung are mostly elected in free elections held across the Empire, while a seat is reserved for the Emperor and another for an appointed member who is handpicked by the federal monarch.

Presently, the Reichsversammlung consists of 16 MPs, excluding the Emperor. All of them belong to one of Abelden's four political parties. Historically, parties have had to form coalitions in order to maintain stable governments; the first Janiszewski ministry, formed in December 2016, was the last cabinet made up of members of a single party.

The Federalist Party of Abelden, a right-wing populist and self-described conservative party, is the oldest party in the Empire, founded in May 2017. The green socialist Abeldane Social Ecology (ASE) and the centrist Abeldane National Independence Party (ANIP) work together in the current government coalition, formed following the August 2017 federal election. The United Rhinoceros Party of Abelden is the main party of opposition, with its leader, Horatio Eden, serving as Leader of the Opposition.

List of political parties

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Foundation RVS seats Logo
Abeldane National Independence Party ANIP Big tent nationalism Centre Patrick Renwick 3 September 2017
3 / 16
Abeldane Social Ecology ASE Eco-socialism Left Collective Leadership 7 June 2017
4 / 16
Social Ecology Party of Abelden.png
United Rhinoceros Party URP Centralism N/A Thomas Merrell and Horatio Eden 1 December 2017
4 / 16
National Federalist Party NFP Right-wing populism Right Alejandro Whyatt 27 November 2017
3 / 16
National Federalist Party Abelden.png
Abeldane Liberal Alliance ALA Classical liberalism Centre Hugh McFarlane 1 March 2018
1 / 16
Bird too1.png

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