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Abelden is a semi-constitutional monarchy with a multi-party democratic system. Party politics occur within the framework of the legislature, a bicameral parliament known as the Reichsversammlung. Members of the Reichsversammlung are mostly elected in free elections held across the Empire, while a seat is reserved for the Heir to the throne and another for an appointed member who is handpicked by the Emperor.

Presently, the Reichsversammlung consists of 13 MRs. As of the Concordiagate scandal, the chamber is dissolved. Historically, parties have had to form coalitions in order to maintain stable governments; though the current Provisional ministry, formed in July 2020, is made up of members from a single party and independents.

List of political parties

A rough political compass of parties in Abelden.

Federal parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Bundesrat Volkstag
Liberty Front
Front für Freiheit
LF Libertarianism Centre Brandon Wu
0 / 6
2 / 13
C Confederalism Left-wing Connor Stumperth
0 / 6
4 / 13
National Royalists - The Greens
Nationale Königstreue - Die Grüne
NRGU Royalism
Centre Patrick Renwick
0 / 6
6 / 13

State parties

Logo Name Aff. Ideology Spectrum Leader Seats
Alenshka Deputies Senate
Party of Royalists and Greens
Partei der Königstreuen und die Grüne
PRG NRGU Royalism
Social ecology
Centre-left Nicolás Millán
0 / 7
1 / 5
Demirelia Landsting
Demirelian National Alliance
Den Demirelske Nasjonalalliansen
DNA None Social democracy
Centre-left Lise Næsheim-Renwick
2 / 3
Demirelian Liberal Party
Det Demirelske Liberalparti
DLP None Social liberalism
English-speakers interests
Centre Sean Renwick
1 / 3
Morgannwg Senedd
Plaid Ddemocrataidd
Democratic Party
PD None States rights
Centre James Frisch
3 / 5
Y Teyrngarwyr
The Loyalists
T NRGU Royalism Centre-left Newton von Uberquie
2 / 5
Tusmore Senate
Tusmorish Confederals
TC C Confederalism Left-wing Chase Nanatovich
2 / 3
The Republicans
Na Poblachtánaigh
R LF Republicanism
Classical liberalism
Centre Brandon Wu
1 / 3
New Unity Party
Páirtí Aontachta Nua!
A None Fenianism
Celtic rule
Centre-right Robert Dickson
0 / 3
Alexander State Council
Royalist Party of Alexander RPA NRGU Royalism
Right-wing Carl von Joseph Werzberg
1 / 5
File:Socialist Workers' Party (Alexander) Logo.png Alexandi Socialist Workers' Party SWP None Socialism Left-wing Erich Thaller
1 / 5
Rai Bok
Batu Party
BATU C Regionalism
Third position Tarik Kârjasary
4 / 4
Genealogy of Abeldane political parties

Historical parties



Centrist or third position