Seventh Renwick ministry

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Seventh Renwick ministry
38th ministry of Abelden

Date formed 7 August 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Patrick Renwick
Head of state Nicholas
No. of ministers 6
Total no. of ministers 6
Member party National Royalists
Status in legislature Majority (August to September 2020)
Minority (September)
Opposition party Confederals
Liberty Front
Election(s) 2020 II (executive)
Legislature term(s) 14th Reichsversammlung
Previous Provisional

The Seventh Renwick ministry, officially known as the Thirty-eighth ministry, was formed on 7 August 2020, in the aftermath of the August 2020 executive election in the Abeldane Empire. This Reichsregierungskabinett counts with a minority status in the Volkstag, as the National Royalists hols 6 of 13 seats. It previously held a majority, working with independent government member James Frisch.

It was preceded by the Provisional cabinet (the 37th ministry), formed by Renwick himself after the Concordiagate scandal.


Following the August 2020 executive elections, Patrick Renwick of the National Royalists was elected as Vorsitzender, against Connor Stumperth and Thomas Bainbridge of the Confederals and Andrew Irons of the Liberty Front. The Stellvertretership race resulted in Newton von Uberquie, also of the National Royalists, winning the race with 60% of the votes.

With the result being that the National Royalists now held a plurality in the Volkstag and both the Vorsitzender- and Stellvertreterships, Renwick announced his intent to form a single-party government, though together with the one independent MV.

On 7 August 2020, Renwick and the entire ministry were appointed by Emperor Nicholas. It was the first ministry to use the new system of Great Offices of State as opposed to regular ministries. It’s members remained the same as those of the proceeding Provisional ministry, though with some shuffling of jobs.

The ministry lost its majority in the Volkstag when Independent MV James Frisch resigned as Imperial Representative, and was replaced by the Emperor with Thomas Bainbridge of the opposition Confederals.


Overall composition

Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 38th Reichsregierungskabinett
Monarch Nicholas 29 May 2020 Reigning N/A
Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick
Marquis of Bessatre
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Stellvertreter des Vorsitzenden
Minister of State and Kabinett Affairs
Newton von Uberquie
Prince of Lenny
7 August 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Lord Ambassador Anthony Clark
Earl of Amerston
7 August 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Lord Chancellor Nicholas 31 August 2018 Incumbent N/A
Minister of Media and Orthography Patrick Renwick
Marquis of Bessatre
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Lord Advocate Nicolas von Uberquie y Millan
Marquis of Sentallares
7 August 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Lord Procurator Newton von Uberquie
Prince of Lenny
10 July 2020 Incumbent NRGU
Generalmememarschall James Frisch
Count of Dublaith
7 August 2020 Incumbent Ind.
Also attending cabinet meetings
Deputy Attorney General Vacant 7 August 2020 Incumbent N/A
Imperial Press Secretary Connor Stumperth
Marquis of Lawlingport
23 June 2020 Incumbent C