Social Ecology Party of Abelden

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Social Ecology Party of Abelden
RepresentativeNewton von Uberquie
General SecretaryNone
SloganOur Science is Utopia, our Reality is Eros, our Desire is Revolution.
Founded7 June 2017
NewspaperSEPA Times
Membership  (2017)7
IdeologySocial Ecology, Libertarian Municipalism, Direct Democracy, Democratic Confederalism, Green Politics, Eco-Socialism
Political positionFar-Left
Official colorsMoss Green

Not to be confused with its successor Abeldane Social Ecology.

The Social Ecology Party of Abelden (abbreviated as the SEPA or simply called the Ecology Party) was a far-left Libertarian Municipalist and Socially Ecological political party in the Abeldane Empire. The party was formed by Newton von Uberquie shortly following the June 2017 Federal election, on the 6th of June in order to promote Social Ecology and fill a left-wing gap in the Empire. It would merge with the Labour Party only a month after its founding to form Abeldane Social Ecology - The Green Labour Party.

Party in Government

Shortly after it's formation, on the 7th of June, the Ecology Party was invited to support the Third Renwick Cabinet in the 6th Reichsversammlung which it accepted. Later that day, Artemis Langford defected from the Abeldane National Party, granting the Ecology Party their first cabinet position. The party also served alongside the Independence Party and the Abeldane Party.


Name Home state Term began Term ended Notes
1. Newton von Uberquie Satirno flag.png Satirno 7 June 2017 9 August 2017 First and only party representative