Abeldane National Independence Party

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Abeldane National Independence Party
Leader Patrick Renwick
Slogan Long Live Liberty! Long Live The Empire!
Founded 3 September 2017
Headquarters Volkania
Membership  (2017) 16
Ideology Big tent
Popular Unionism
Moderate ecology
Political position Centre
Official colors           Green and purple
Cabinet positions
5 / 10
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
4 / 17

The Abeldane National Independence Party (abbreviated and often referred to as ANIP) is a centrist political party in the Abeldane Empire. The party is the largest in the Reichsversammlung with 6 out of 17 seats. It is also currently in a coalition government lead by Abeldane Social Ecology, holding 3 cabinet positions including the Stellvertretership. The party came into being on the 3 September 2017 with the merger of the Abeldane National Party and the Independence Party of Abelden in the wake of the 2017 August elections. The party headquarters are in Volkania, capital of the Kingdom of Demirelia, and is currently lead by Patrick Renwick, former Vorsitzender and leader of the ANP.


Talks between the ANP and IPA about a possible merger started in October 2017 during the Fourth Renwick Cabinet lead by the ANP. These talks would evolve into more concrete negotiations following the 2017 August elections and the resignation of Henry Twain as leader of the IPA and Brandon Wu taking over as interim leader. During the negotiations it was decided Patrick Renwick would be the leader of the new party. The ANP and IPA officially merged on 3 September. ANIP would continue in its coaliion with Abeldane Social Ecology under Vorsitenders Von Uberquie and following his resgnation, Langford. Within the Langford Cabinet, ANIP's leader Patrick Renwick was made Stellvertreter.

In the leadup to the December 2017 elections ANIP decided to continue it's coalition with ASE, with ANIP endorsing Langford for Vorsitzender, whilst ASE agreed to endorse Renwick for stellvertreter.


Logo of the National Party, the main base for the ANIP logo

The party logo of the National Independence Party is the National Independence shield and torch, a design closely mirroring the former ANP Torch with the significant addition of a purple torch in the centre, symbolising the former IPA. The design was agreed upon during the negotiations.

The party motto is "Long Live Liberty! Long Live the Empire". This mirrors the party's nationalistic views and it's support for liberty and freedom.

Electoral Performance

ANIP election poster ahead of the December 2017 election