Abeldane National Independence Party

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Abeldane National Independence Party
FounderPatrick Renwick
Founded3 September 2017
Dissolved2 April 2018
Merger ofANP • IPA
Merged intoALNA-PF
Membership (2017)16
IdeologyBig tent
Moderate ecology
Political positionCentre
Colors    Green and purple
SloganLong Live Liberty! Long Live The Empire!

The Abeldane National Independence Party, simply known by its initials as ANIP, was a major centrist political party in the Abeldane Empire. It was founded in 2017 as a merger between the Abeldane National Party and the Independence Party of Abelden, in the wake of the 2017 August election and ahead of the December 2017 federal election.

The party went on to continue participating in all ministries from its foundation to its eventual merger into the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance and Pragmatic Front, later known simply as the Abeldane Liberal National Alliance (ALNA).


Talks between the ANP and IPA about a possible merger started in October 2017 during the Fourth Renwick ministry lead by the ANP. These talks would evolve into more concrete negotiations following the 2017 August elections and the resignation of Henry Twain as leader of the IPA and Brandon Wu taking over as interim leader. During the negotiations it was decided Patrick Renwick would be the leader of the new party. The ANP and IPA officially merged on 3 September. ANIP would continue in its coaliion with Abeldane Social Ecology under Vorsitendere Von Uberquie and following his resgnation, Neasa. Within the Neasa ministry, ANIP's leader Patrick Renwick was made Stellvertreter.

In the leadup to the December 2017 elections ANIP decided to continue it's coalition with ASE, with ANIP endorsing Neasa for Vorsitzender, whilst ASE agreed to endorse Renwick for stellvertreter. However, after results came in, URP leader Shiro Mephistopheles was the new Vorsitzender. This led to new coaliton talks with URP and the NFP which was formed in December 2017.

After the December 2017 election, ANIP held four seats (Patrick Renwick, Brandon Wu, Alex White, and Alex von Hapsburg). However, after the Hapsburg Defection, Bilal Irfan replaced him as ANIP's 4th seat. Unfortunately in February 2018, Irfan announced he was leaving all micronational activities which leads to the status quo of ANIP having three seats.


The party logo of the National Independence Party at first was the National Independence shield and torch, a design closely mirroring the former ANP Torch with the significant addition of a purple torch in the centre, symbolising the former IPA. The design was agreed upon during the negotiations.

The party motto is "Long Live Liberty! Long Live the Empire". This mirrors the party's nationalistic views and it's support for liberty and freedom.

However, party leader Patrick Renwick announced that the logo needed to be changed and reformed. This led to the new logo being created with a purple torch of blue and green flames to symbolize party unity between the former ANP and IPA.

Electoral Performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 V Newton von Uberquie[N 1]   18 32.73%


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 V Patrick Renwick   31 67.39%


Election year 1st pref votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2017 V 12 26.09%
4 / 16
4 coalition [N 2]


  1. Abeldane National Independence Party endorsed ASE's Newton von Uberquie's candidacy for Vorsitzender in the December 2017 elections.
  2. Only 16 seats were actively contested in the Federal Election, with a 17th seat being held by the Emperor of Abelden.