Abeldane National Party

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Abeldane National Party
FounderPatrick Renwick
Founded6 June 2017
Dissolved3 September 2017
Merger ofDLP • UAP
Merged intoANIP
Membership (2017)16
IdeologyBig tent
Popular Unionism
Political positionCentre
Colors  Green
SloganLiberty, Monarchy, Unity!

The Abeldane National Party (often abbreviated to ANP or simply known as the National Party) was a large political party in the Abeldane Empire. A big tent, centrist political party, with strong support for the Abeldane Monarchy, it was formed following the June 2017 Federal election by the merger of the governing centre-left Democratic-Liberty Party, and the centrist United Abelden Party. The party was the current governing party of Abelden, holding the Vorsitzendership and a plurality of cabinet positions and seats in the Reichsversammlung. It was the largest party in the governing Grand Coalition, consisting of the ANP, Independence Party, and Abeldane Party. Following the August 2017 elections the party merged with the Independence Party of Abelden to form the National Independence Party.


ANP poster for the August 2017 federal election, where the party only nominated candidates for the Reichsversammlung.

Talks of the merger between the Democratic-Liberty Party (DLP) and United Abelden (UAP) started a few weeks before the June 2017 Federal election. Following the conclusion of the negotiations, it was decided that the formation of the party would wait until after the June elections, where incumbent DLP Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick was running for re-election. With Renwick's re-election in a landslide victory on June 5, the party was officially formed the following day, which also happened to be the third anniversary of Abelden's foundation.[1]

The party went on to lead the coalition governments of Abelden until the August federal election, when the party's leadership decided not to field any candidates for Vorsitzender or Stellvertreter. During the elections, talks were held with IPA leadership about a possible merger between the two parties. Following the election and the victory of Abeldane Social Ecology, the ANP and IPA merged in early September to form the National Independence Party, becoming the strongest force in the Reichsversammlung.


The main symbol of the ANP was the National Party Torch. The torch, which was the most prominent part of the party logo, was originally designed by Mike Lewis and had its beginnings as the logo of the Liberal Party of Abelden. The torch would be carried over as the symbol of the Democratic-Liberty Party when it was formed by the merger of the Liberals and other Abeldane centre-left parties in 2016. During the negotiations between the DLP and UAP, it was decided the DLP torch would be carried over to become the symbol of the new ANP.

The motto of the party was "Liberty, Monarchy, Unity!". These words mirrored the party's 3 main principles; Liberty and rights for the people, staunch support for the Monarchy, and the party's support for Popular Unionism, an ideology centering around the unification of the Skype and Facebook parts of the Empire.

Electoral performance

Election year 1st pref votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2017 IV 12 21.0%
4 / 15
6 coalition gov't [2]


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