The Republicans (Tusmore)

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The Republicans
Na Poblachtánaigh
LeaderEdward Daniels
Founded17 November 2019


Political positionCenter left to Center right
National affiliationLiberty Front
Official colors     Purple,      Black and      White
Seats in the Tusmorish Senate
1 / 3
Election symbol
The Republicans cockade.png

The Republicans, also known as Na Poblachtánaigh, is a Tusmorish political party founded by Edward Daniels. The party champions the ideas of Republicanism, being the first political party in all of the Abeldane Empire to do so. Among Republicanism being the main tenant of the party, the party has also expressed interest in the ideas of Classical liberalism, Decentralization and Libertarian socialism. The party was initially founded following the decentralization period in Abeldane politics.