Edge Party (Abelden)

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Edge Party
LeaderDamian Billbrough
IdeologyBig tent
Pro-Hortanian foreign policy
Political positionCenter

The Edge Party of Abelden was a big tent political party in Abelden led by Damian Billbrough. The party was founded after opposition to corruption and infighting in the Federalist Party, where Billbrough was a former member. It was also formed as a response to the perceived inactivity and corruption of the ANP and the policies which had in its members view blinded the Emperor and led Abelden to stagnation. The aim of the Edge Party was to bring activity and fun back to Abelden and to save the Emperor from the advisors who had supposedly far failed him.

The members of the party were Damian Billbrough, Donald West, Hasan Cakar, with the support of Alexei Janiszewski.