Democratic-Liberty Party of Abelden

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Democratic-Liberty Party of Abelden
Leader (at time of dissolution) Patrick Renwick
Founded 29 August 2016
Membership  (2016) 12
Ideology Liberal
Political position Centre-left
Official colors Green
Cabinet positions
3 / 11
(at time of dissolution) Seats in the Reichsversammlung
8 / 33

The Democratic-Liberty Party of Abelden (DLP) was a prominent Abeldane political party formed on the 29th August 2016 when the Liberal Party of Abelden, the New Democratic Party of Abelden, the Abeldane Democratic Union and the Peace, Equality and Justice Party merged. The party was the predominant left-wing party in the empire for all it's existence, until its merger with the United Abelden Party to form the Abeldane National Party on 6th June 2017.


Former members