Ned Gunderson

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Lord Edward Gunderson, Count of New Grémmia
7th Deputy Prime Minister/Proconsul
Assumed office
13 February 2020-29 May 2020
Predecessor Lady Lady Vice Admiral Eryn Lewis,Duchess of Bernardston
Successor Incumbent
Khagan of Nedland
Assumed office
April 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 30 December 2000 (2000-12-30) (age 19)
Annandale, Virginia
Birth name Edward Donovan Gunderson
Citizenship American
Nationality American
Ethnicity Ethnic American
Political party Fatherland Party
Religion N/A

Edward D. Gunderson, Mexican-Commander of the Order of the Urcheon (born 30 December 2000) is a Nedlandic noble, who has been the reigning Khagan of Nedland since April 2020. He is usually associated with the Nedlandic sphere of influence, but is involved in several other projects, which include his participation in Montescano and Hasanistan and his co-leadership of Krasnocoria on Micras.

Gunderson has held over thirty positions of importance in other nations during his tenure. Notably, these include Abelden, Austenasia, Paravia, Pavlov, Mahuset and others.

His views can be described as third-way, being neither right nor left wing.

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