Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland

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Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland


Flag of the Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland.png

We Shall End the Tyranny of Matter!
A Minecraft world intended to be a server independent from the rest of the world
Capital cityNed City
Largest cityNed City
Official language(s)Binary
Official religion(s)Secular
DemonymNedlander (Noun); Nedian (Adjective)
GovernmentMonarchy and Unicameral Parliament
- KingKing Ned I of Nedland
- Prime MinisterKing Ned I of Nedland
LegislatureNed Gunderson
EstablishedJanuary 2014 (development began)
Area claimed3000m2
CurrencyEmeralds; diamonds
National sportMob killing
Patron saintPatrick of $wag

Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland, or the DERN for short, was a planned micronation that was to encompass a flat Minecraft world, and centered around a city. It was planned to be a server 'independent from the world.'
Development began in January 2015, when Ned Gunderson, its King, thought it would be a good idea to make a micronation on a Minecraft server and that he would somehow make money from it.

The project was abandoned at the end of January, and no work has been done on it since.

Its motto was 'We Shall End the Tyranny of Matter!'