Foreign relations of Nedlando-Khorașan

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The Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan's foreign affairs are relatively open.

The following are micronations and macronations alike that are allied, recognized and unrecognized by Nedland, under their appropriate sections:

Micronational organizations

Though Nedland has been a member of around 10 micronational organizations in total throughout its history, Nedland's current foreign affairs is very hostile to anything other than close, meaningful unions, and does not plan to join any organizations for the foreseeable future. Nedland's policy is solidly anti-GUM.

Historical diplomatic ties


Relations with Paravia, Nedland's former controller, are usually solidly good. As former military and diplomatic allies, Nedland and Paravia share a history that has stuck with both nations for most of their careers. However, in February 2017, relations with Paravia became extremely hostile, and free travel, recognition, and all other perks of diplomacy between the two nations were cut permanently. Paravian Zelenarus, however, is a territory which Nedland permits Paravia to remain in control of.


Relations with Abelden (Cyrillic: Абелдан) first began when Nedland joined the American Micronational Co-operation in June 2015. The emperor and the president became quick friends, and so did their nations. Nedland remained close ties to Abelden from then on, even granting Abeldane Nedland to the Crown in August 2015. Relations between Abelden and Nedland were at first very good, but began to slowly deteriorate in 2016. In November, when Greiner left Abelden and illegally seceded with Abeldane Nedland, the Emperor became very hostile towards Greiner for several months - even banning him from the Commonwealth. All diplomatic ties were cut. After Greiner was allowed to re-enter Abelden, he was soon banned again after Greiner, in a rage, unfairly insulted the Emperor publicly. He was banned from all Commonwealth realms indefinitely, and the Emperor passed a decree which unrecognized Nedland. Abelden also claimed Abeldane Nedland, but the territory was de facto under Nedlandic control, as its only resident was pro-Nedlandic. About a week later, the Reichsversammlung renounced the claims on Abeldane Nedland. Since, there has been little to no communication, formal or informal, between the Abeldane and Nedlandic governments.


Relations between Nedlando-Khorașan and Mahuset have been very close since June 2016, when Mahusetan president Emiel Hardy and Ned Greiner became very close friends diplomatically. Relations have been solidly close, uninterrupted by any significant scandals or incidents. Nedland and Mahuset have many cooperation agreements together, including management of their territories in the Hasanistan region, as well as the enclaves of Lundenland in Nedland and Alkland in Mahuset, which represent an old bond of friendship between the two nations. The nations have free travel, formal relations and a sort of de facto alliance. Outside of diplomacy, Hardy and Greiner are quite close.


List of recognized nations

Name Official Cyrillic exonym Macronation Start date of relations Status of Relations
Gotzborg Гоцборг Canada 2015 Formal
Mekniy Мекниј Czech Republic 22 March 2017 Formal
Mahuset Махузит Netherlands 22 March 2017 Formal; free travel, cooperation agreements
Coria Корија Serbia 29 March 2017 Formal; free travel
Shorewell Шорвел United States 12 May 2017 Formal
Koss Кос Brazil 13 May 2017 Formal
Karnia-Ruthenia Карнија-Рутенија Brazil 14 May 2017 Formal
Flammancia Фламансија Australia 14 May 2017 Recognition
Sabia and Verona Сабија анд Верона Argentina 14 May 2017 Formal
Juclandia Џукландија Romania 14 May 2017 Formal due to Alios Accords
Danube Дануб United States 14 May 2017 Formal
Monovia Моновија United Kingdom 15 May 2017 Recognition, part of the Commonwealth realm
Imvrassia Имврасија Greece 15 May 2017 Formal
Hortania Хортејнија United Kingdom 15 May 2017 Recognition
Padrhom Падром France 15 May 2017 Formal
Theodia Фијодија United States 15 May 2017 Formal
Zirconic зирконик Canada 15 May 2017 Recognition
Breckland Брекланд United Kingdom 15 May 2017 Recognition
Ashukovo Ашуково Russia 16 May 2017 Formal
Flandrensis Фландренсис Belgium 17 May 2017 Recognition
Surland Сурланд France 17 May 2017 Formal
Paravia Паравија Norway 18 May 2017 Formal
Templar Kingdom Темплр Киндом Netherlands 18 May 2017 Recognition
Slin Слин United Kingdom 23 May 2017 Formal
Wyvern Виврн Netherlands 6 June 2017 Formal
NAC Норф Американ Конфедерејшјон United States 8 June 2017 Formal
Jupiter Џупитр United States 15 June 2017 Formal
Cleveland Кливланд France 16 June 2017 Formal, part of the Commonwealth realm
Glastieve Гластив United Kingdom 16 June 2017 Formal
Sandus Санд'с United States 16 June 2017 Formal
Aerican Empire Ејрик'н Емпај'р Canada 19 June 2017 Recognition (Full)
Custosia Кастожја United States 20 June 2017 Recognition
Aarbaro Арбаро United States 21 June 2017 Formal
Fraughtian Community Фрошјин Комјунити Peru 21 June 2017 Formal
Gran Pais Гран Пејз United States 21 June 2017 Formal
Haldia Халдија Turkey 23 June 2017 Formal
Viadalvia Вајадалвија Netherlands 23 June 2017 Recognition
Aarianian Union of North America Аарианиан Унион оф Нортх Америца United States 2 July 2017 Recognition
Azikistan Азикистан Tajikistan 3 July 2017 Formal at moment of independence, part of the Commonwealth realm
Quailia Квејлија United States 6 July 2017 Formal
Kolkaria Колкарија Mexico 11 July 2017 Formal at moment of independence, part of the Commonwealth realm
Macita Масита Croatia 11 July 2017 Formal at moment of independence, part of the Commonwealth realm
DCU Демократик Кам'нвелф Јунјн United Kingdom 11 July 2017 Formal; treaty signed on 14 July 2017.
Angyalistan Анжјалистан France 14 July 2017 Formal
Radon Рејдан Netherlands 21 July 2017 Formal
Florian Republic Флоријан Репблик United Kingdom 21 July 2017 Formal
Timeria Тимерија Spain 22 July 2017 Formal
Daljam Даљам Montenegro 24 July 2017 Formal, part of the Commonwealth realm
West Buryakia Вест Бурјакија United States 24 July 2017 Formal, part of the Commonwealth realm
Altannia || Алтанија || Spain || 1 August 2017 || Recognition
Noveria Новерија United States 1 August 2017 Recognition
Winthroopstan Винфрупстан Germany 5 August 2017 Recognition
Lorenzburg Лоренцбург Sweden 7 August 2017 Formal
Irevan Иреван Azerbaijan 8 August 2017 Recognition
Sunþrawegaz Сунфравегаз United States 11 August 2017 Recognition

Unilateral recognition