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  Department of Šlovedkia  
Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Vəlāyat Šlovedkia
Created 4 June 2017
Founder W. Calvimontes
Capital Calvimont
 - Beg W. Calvimontes
Population (15 August 2017)
 - Total 6
Demonym Zelenarusian

Zelenarus (German: Grünrussland) is one of the 44 departments of Nedlando-Khorasan, and a former federal state of the Empire of Paravia. It was founded on 9 December 2016, and joined Paravia the same day. It seceded on July 30, 2017, and is now administered by W.C.


The following are districts of the city of Calvimont:

District Neighborhood Population Established
Calvimont Calvimont 1 14 July 2017
Sielenorrussia del Norte Želenava 2 14 July 2017
Sielenorrussia del Sud Kelvemun 3 14 July 2017
Tivirum and Kichensk Kichensk 0 14 July 2017