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Country Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Founded5 June 2015
Founded byNed Gunderson
 • ValiNed Gunderson
 (15 August 2017)
 • Total69

Šlovedkia (Šlovedkian: Šluvedku, German: Schlowedkien) is a vəlāyat of Nedlando-Khorașan, and a traditional microethnic region of Nedland. It is spread out across northern Virginia and some parts of Washington D.C. and southern Maryland, and consists of the departments of Botswanistan, Dragovina, Eestcorea, Hiddleston and Alonia, Jaland, Kustulvudupád, New Rogaland, Romitria, Samegrelo, Samegrelo, Shedland, Slavoslavia, Tacomenistan, Thurshodn and Zelenarus. The original form of Šlovedkia, the Autonomous Republic, was formed on June 5, 2015. It is most notably home to the country's entire ethnic Šlovedk population, the latter of which comprise 85.5% of the region's population.


Šlovedkia was originally a part of the Nedlandic Autonomous Republic. President Ned Gunderson had considered himself a Šlovedkian for quite a long time. He had pondered making Šlovedkia a republic, but, due to him being the only native speaker left, he decided that it was not worth it. Its khan is Ned Gunderson, who controls the territory directly by the crown.

On June 5, however, due to the lack of autonomous republics, Gunderson formally made Šlovedkia a republic, encompassing all eight native Šlovedkians within its administrative boundaries. It was then granted semi-autonomy as one of two republics in Nedland.

When Nedland went defunct on August 14, Šlovedkia officially ceased existence as a republic. However, in January 2016 the Paravian Imperial Council voted to re-annex the territory as a crown dependency after request by Ned Gunderson. However, the council was unwilling to make Slovedkia a province, and so instead made it a crown dependency.


Flag Coat of arms Name Capital Population Beg Official language
Flag of Botswanistan.png Nocoa.png Botswanistan Emielsdorp 0 Ned Gunderson English
Flag of the Alexandria SCR.png Nocoa.png Dragovina Persavu 5 N/A English
Flag of Eestcorea.png Nocoa.png Eestcorea None 0 Ned Gunderson English
Flag of Schmiddleston and Alonia.png Nocoa.png Hiddleston and Alonia None 0 Kerry Stapleton English
Flag of Jaland.png Nocoa.png Jaland Hvarno 7 D. Feira English
Flag of Kustulvudupad1.png Nocoa.png Kustulvudupád Cuncusepuli 2 D. Mohamud English
Flag of New Rogaland.png Nocoa.png New Rogaland Palazu 29 Ned Gunderson Amharic
Flag of Romitria.png Nocoa.png Romitria Razh Khabaar 3 Shady Morsi English
Flag of Samegrelo.png Nocoa.png Samegrelo Lillahuset 3 Edward Adjei-Prempeh English
Flag of Shedland.png Nocoa.png Shedland None 0 Ned Gunderson English
Flag of Tacomenistan.png Nocoa.png Tacomenistan None 0 Ned Gunderson English
Emiel's Flag of Thurshodn.png Nocoa.png Thurshodn Hovd 7 B. Sene English
Zelenarus flag.jpg Nocoa.png Zelenarus Calvimont 6 W. Calvimontes English