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  Town of Austenasia  
A satellite view of Dragovina

Established 18 November 2015
 - Representative Lord Edward Gunderson, Count of New Grémmia
 - Police Inspector Lord Edward Adjei-Prempeh, Baron of Dragovina
 - Total 3.4e-4 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 3
Time zone UTC-5

Dragovina (German: Drachenplatz or Mingrelien, Norwegian: Drakensted/Mingerlø, Latin: Draconis Locus), formerly known as Samegrelo, is a department and noyonate of Nedland located within northeast Washington, D.C. It was formerly an Town in the Empire of Austenasia, as well as a territory of Pavlov for some time after this. Founded initially as the DC Subcultural Republic in May 2015, it was reincorporated as Samegrelo on 18 November as a department of Nedland. On 22 April 2019, the polity was renamed to Dragovina and annexed by Austenasia, which it would remain a part of until 30 May 2020.

Dragovina has a population of three, all of whom are Roman Catholic. It consists of a residential property together with its front and back gardens.


Dragovina was represented in Parliament by its founder, Lord Edward Gunderson, who served as its Representative. Gunderson did not live in the town itself, but did live within the requisite 25-mile radius required to represent a Town in Parliament. Law and order in Dragovina was maintained by Lord Edward Adjei-Prempeh, who serves as the Town's Police Inspector and governed it while it was a part of Nedland.

Dragovina was dissolved following the unilateral secession of Dragovina stated in the Parliament, which was a follow-up action to the initially proposed secession which initially caused the assumption of emergency powers by Jonathan I earlier that month.