Rubrum Beryllium

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Rubrum Beryllium
Territory of Austenasia
Flag of Rubrum Beryllium
Established20 November 2021
 • GovernorLord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos
Time zoneUTC-7:00

Rubrum Beryllium is an Austenasian Territory which is an enclave of the U.S. state of Utah, and is composed of a 1.44 acre uninhabited area of land. The territory is currently governed by its founder and owner, Lord Michael Simpson, who claimed the land for Austenasia on 20 November 2021.

The name of Rubrum Beryllium is derived from red beryl, a rare gemstone found in the area. Industrial prospecting is yet to take place, but samples of the gemstone from the immediate area were sent to the Emperor by Lord Simpson shortly after the territory was claimed.