Oppidum Tubae

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Oppidum Tubae
  Town of Austenasia  
Established 25 June 2021
 - Representative Lord Sander Koff, Baron of Oppidum Tubae
 - Total 2
Time zone UTC+2:00

Oppidum Tubae is an Austenasian Town which is an enclave of the Estonian capital city of Tallinn, and is composed of half of a residential property. Oppidum Tubae was annexed to the Empire on 25 June 2021 after being claimed for Austenasia by the now Lord Sander Koff and his brother. The half of the property comprising the town includes their bedrooms, making them - but not their parents, who live in the same house - the two residents of the claim.

Oppidum Tubae is currently represented in Parliament by Lord Koff, who was appointed its Acting Representative in the legislation which annexed the town. He was elected to the position proper in a local election on 14 September 2021.