2011 Austenasian Constitutional Referendum

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Austenasian Constitutional Referendum
18 September 2011
Option Austenasian Constitution of 2008 "Wrythian Constitution" "Zephyrian Constitution"
Popular Vote (%) 0% 86% 14%
Count 0 6 1

The Austenasian Constitutional Referendum of 2011 was a referendum which was held in the Empire of Austenasia on 18 September 2011, in which the entire population was encouraged to vote on the constitution under which they wished Austenasia to be governed. The Austenasian Constitution of 2008, which had been in force since the founding of the Empire, was one option - two other options were also proposed, one put forward by Wrythe Town Council and another by Zephyria Town Council.

Seven people voted, the Wrythian Constitution recieving 86% of the votes and being enacted two days later, becoming known as the Austenasian Constitution of 2011.

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2011 Constitutional Referendum
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