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Baron of Corinium Terentium
Prince of Sabovia
Reign25 May 2012 – 1 January 2016
PredecessorMonarchy established
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
(Jonathan Augustus as Emperor of Austenasia)
1st Minister of Territories and the Diaspora (Austenasia)
In office
19 January 2021 – 5 June 2022
Preceded byMinistry established
Succeeded byMinistry abolished
2nd Governor of Corinium Terentium
Assumed office
11 December 2013
Preceded byWilliam Wade

Lord Andrew, Baron of Corinium Terentium is the 2nd and current Governor of Corinium Terentium, the longest current serving Austenasian governor. He is the former Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Sabovia. He holds citizenship in Austenasia, Australis and the United Kingdom. He was selected as DIME's Micronationalist of the Month for November 2020.

He is the former head administrator of MicroWiki, although is still a bureaucrat and a server administrator on the MicroWiki Community Discord server.

Micronational career

Reign as Prince of Sabovia

Formation and regency

Having assumed the title of "Sovereign Prince," he established what was then known as the Union of Smallia, subsequently rebranded as the Principality of Sabovia. The principal objective behind this endeavor was to thwart the establishment of new residential developments on land contiguous to his place of residence at that time. Notably, in August 2023, the anticipated residential construction on the aforementioned land has not yet come to fruition.

On the date of April 1, 2013, he transmitted an official proclamation of independence to his local parish council. However, it later dawned upon him that the aforementioned parish council lacked the requisite legal prerogative to either recognise or sanction the autonomous status of Sabovia. He resolved to dispatch a renewed declaration of independence to the appropriate governing body, although he subsequently acknowledged that this commitment remained unfulfilled.

Abdication and dissolution of Sabovia

Prince Andrew voluntarily relinquished his royal status and stepped down from his position of authority on January 1, 2016. Following his abdication, the Principality of Sabovia underwent a prompt dissolution. Subsequently, the larger part of Sabovia's territorial assertions was formally absorbed into the adjacent Austenasian domain of Corinium Terentium on the 30th of January, 2016. However, it is noteworthy that the region designated as the Capital Territory was repatriated to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Intermicronational politics

In the September 2014 election of the Grand Unified Micronational, Andrew stood as a candidate for the role of Secretary for Cultural Affairs and Micronational Education. Despite his efforts, he did not secure the position, as the victory was achieved by his opponent, Richard Hytholoday. It's noteworthy that Prince Andrew has candidly stated that he has no recollection of his candidacy in this particular election.

Titles and honours

Styles of
Andrew I, Prince of Sabovia
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Highness


  • Margraviate of Mistak
    • Count of Miran


Personal armorial achievement of Andrew as Grand Cordon of the Royal Vishwamitran Order of Merit.
  •  Ikonia:
    • Recipient of the King's Christmas Medal (25 December 2020)
Former honours