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Statistic-Dime (SD) — colloquially spelled without the hyphen or erroneously capitalised "DIME", and officially The Statistic-Dime Company — is an intermicronational non-profit private company headquartered in New Yera, Australis. Its primary business is creating and running surveys, indices, awards, electoral opinion polls, standardisations and other developmental projects, spread across Statistic-Dime's three components; Dime, Roscoe Statistics, and Statistic-Fire, although for simplicity's sake nearly every public project has been labelled as being solely under Statistic-Dime. Founded as a New Eiffelic organisation headquartered in New Leeds by entrepreneur Zarel Smith from the merger of Statistic-Fire and DIME in October 2019, the company began to grow exponentially. Following New Eiffel's dissolution in November 2020, the company had no national back, and in December, the company was incorporated as an Australissian organisation and incorporated Roscoe Statistics, and Smith appointed Daniel Hamilton as CEO and left the organisation to commence his break from the micronational community. Statistic-Dime's projects include Microcode — the largest standardisation for two-letter country codes — the highly publicised Micronationalist of the Month and Year awards, and Project Micronation. It also created the MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential for 2020 list, with another edition planned for the year 2021. Statistic-Dime's largest surveys, the GUM Member States Positivity Survey, MicroWiki's Top 25 and annual LGBT Rights Indices and MicroWiki General Surveys have received critical acclaim, and totalled over 200 responses.

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Micronationalist of the Year is an annual award and spin-off of Dime Micronationalist of the Month. Micronationalist of the Year features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that was the "most influential" micronationalist of that year. It was created by Zarel Smith and Jayden Lycon from DIME Magazine, which published the 2019 winner, though the 2020 winner Nicholas Randouler was announced in the MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential for 2020 (where Randouler was ranked first) created by Smith via Statistic-Dime. Randouler had ranked first in a scarcely advertised opinion poll. It also credits Lycon as a reviser. The 2019 Micronationalist of the Year was Adam I, Emperor of Adammia for his acclaimed term as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, decided via a public poll. The 2020 Micronationalist of the Year was Nicholas Randouler, who had passed away earlier in June, which was announced in the MicroWiki's 25 Most Influential for 2020 (where Randouler was ranked first).
Surveys Did you know...?
Survey Date Focus Respondents Notes
Micronational Popularity Index 22 January–14 March 2019 Micronational popularity 44 Conducted by Statistic-Fire via MicroWiki talk pages
2019 LGBT Rights Index 6 August–29 September 2019 LGBT rights by micronation 26 Conducted by Statistic-Fire
2019 MicroWiki General Survey 9–11 November 2019 Demographics and opinion 34
Dime-Curio Micronational Organisation Poll 1–4 March 2020 Intermicronational organisation influence >18 Jointly conducted with Curio Publications
2020 LGBT Rights Index 5–15 May 2020 LGBT rights by micronation 34
GUM Member States Positivity Survey 7–10 July 2020 Public opinion on member states of the GUM 40 Conducted in two parts
2020 MicroWiki General Survey November 2020 Demographics and opinion 63 Largest survey by participation
Micronational Organisation Survey 19 February 2021–Ongoing Intermicronational organisation influence Ongoing Survey ongoing