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Logo of the GUM and statistical company Statistic-Dime respectively

The GUM Member States Positivity Survey (GUM-MSPS or MSPS) was a survey conducted by Zedekiah Smith from Statistic-Dime asking participants to rank full member states of the Grand Unified Micronational based on how positively said participant viewed them. It was held from 7–10 July 2020 in two instalments, the first from 7–8 July 2020 with 20 respondents, and the second from 9–10 July with a further 20 respondents, giving a total final of 40. The survey was Smith's eight survey (induing joint-ones). The ranking system was a scale of 1 to 5, similar to that of a Likert scale; 1 being not positive, and 5 being very positive. The top three highest scores were jointly New Eiffel, Posaf and Essexia (all with 4.2), while the lowest were Jupiter (2.7), Nemkhav Federation (2.9) and Hak'hanna and Hrafnarfjall (both 3.0). On the first survey, the results were New Eiffel (4.5), Posaf (4.4) and Essexia (4.3), while the lowest were Hrafnarfjall, Jupiter (both 2.8) and Juclandia (2.9). Smith claimed that the survey was a large success "due to the fact that instead of asking participants to rank [micronations] by popularity, or development (which is always complete speculation of the participants), it was simply asking them to rank by their own opinion of how positively or well they viewed said nation, and thus the survey could not be inaccurate or incorrect." The survey was eventually brought back in 2021 under a new format by the Statistics Secretary of the GUM, Daniel Hamilton, showing only the top fifteen highest scoring nations, top three being Essexia (with 123), Adammia and the Uber-Essian Union (both with 116).

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