Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

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Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
Anthony Barauskis

since 1 January 2024
StyleMr. Chair
Esteemed Chair
His Excellency[a]
Term lengthSix months
Inaugural holderKalvin Koolidge
Formation15 February 2009

The Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational (formerly known officially as the Chair of the Quorum of Delegates) is the executive leader and chief administrative officer of the Grand Unified Micronational. Akin to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the chairperson is the most senior of the three recognised leaders of the GUM, with the office taking precedence over all other political appointments and positions in the organisation. The chair exercises a wide range of powers within the organisation, though they have little direct control over member states and their representatives, with the vast majority of their powers being technical and administrative. The chair is the presiding officer of the Quorum of Delegates, serving as a de facto speaker for that chamber, and exercising many of the powers usually vested in the speaker of a legislative chamber. The Chair nominates a Vice-Chair to assist and deputise for them where necessary.

The chair serves for a period of six months, which may be interrupted by a vote of no confidence.

The current Chair is Anthony Barauskis of the Republic of Tinland, since his election on 1 January 2024.


The post of chairman was first formally established on 15 February 2009, over a month since the founding of the Grand Unified Micronational. In his capacity as the founder of the institution, Jacob Tierney had been acting as the de facto leader of the GUM, presiding over meetings of what would become known as the Quorum on an informal basis. As the institution began to grow and expand, it soon became apparent that it required a clearly defined leader and administrative chief. As such, it was decided that the organisation would be headed by a chairman, who would be elected quarterly alongside councils. Kalvin Koolidge became the first Chairman of the GUM on 15 February, serving until 12 April, being succeeded by Robert Lethler. With the implementation of the GUM Constitution later that month, the posting officially became known as the chair, the role of which remains largely defined by the roles played by Koolidge and Lethler in those first few months in the history of the GUM.


The chair serves for a period of six months, although prior to the adoption of the former charter in June 2016, the chair served for a term of only three months. The chair is elected by all full members in a ballot held online, with one vote allotted to each member state.


Shiro MephistophelesRory LeonardRepublic of TinlandAnthony R. ClarkJack DeanNewton von UberquieThomas I of HrafnarfjallHenry ClémensAdam I of ÜberstadtFionnbarra Ó CathailTaeglan I Nihilus, Reylan EmperorAdam BelcherBrooklyn KennedyCiprianQuentin I, Holy Roman EmperorHis Lordship Richard IYaroslav MarBradley of DullahanJonathan I, Emperor of AustenasiaJames von PuchowWill SörgelJacob TierneyWilhelm of New EuropeJames StewartRobert LethlerKalvin Koolidge

List of GUM Chairs

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Vice-Chair Term of office Political affiliation
1 Kalvin Koolidge
Republic of Petorio
N/A 15 February 2009 13 April 2009 Independent
Considered Moderate
One of the original members of the Grand Unified Micronational. During his term a judicial branch was created for the organization, a constitution was written, the Altanian War began, the Meissner-Antifan War was ended with peacekeeping efforts by the GUM Security Council and the Grand Empire of Fuzzel was dissolved. Played a major role in the creation of future conventions still used by the GUM today. The Camurian War began during his term and ended towards the end of Robert Lethler's term.
2 Robert Lethler
Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
Kalvin Koolidge
(from 31 May)
13 April 2009 13 July 2009 Erusian National Communist Party
Previously served briefly as the first de facto Supreme Judge of the GUM. Wrote the original version of the constitution, which was adopted during his term. Introduced a new voting system, the creation of a vice-chair, attempts to reform the Advancement and Security Councils and a greater emphasis on the core ideals of the GUM. Several intermicronational conflicts involving the GUM happened during this term. Had served 91 days at the end of his term.
3 James Stewart
Democratic Duchy of Francisville
Alexander Reinhardt
(until 27 September)
13 July 2009 13 October 2009 Independent
Considered Moderate
Served a full 92 day term. Stewart mediated through a number of conflicts including the New Euro-Erusian War and the Rhodesian War. The latter resulted in the decline of the United Micronations (2008) and the subsequent hegemony of the GUM over the MicroWiki community. Also oversaw the introduction of Spanish as an official language of the GUM.
4 Robert Lethler
Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
Wilhelm von Hartmann 13 October 2009 22 December 2009 Erusian National Communist Party
First Chairman to successfully secure a second term; resigned his powers on 22 December and vested them in the vice-chair. By the end of this term had served 71 days.
Wilhelm von Hartmann
Empire of New Europe
Acting Chairman
None 22 December 2009 13 January 2010 Independent
Considered Conservative
First Vice-Chairman to act as chairman. All powers and duties of the Chair fell to Wilhelm von Hartmann, who served 22 days as Acting Chair.
5 Jacob Tierney
Ben Lawson (until Feb)
Alexander Reinhardt (from Feb)
13 January 2010 13 April 2010 Independent
Considered Moderate
Founder of the GUM. He spent his term largely inactive due to personal reasons. Alexander Reinhardt served as "Vice-Chairman with emergency powers" during the majority of his term, but did not officially assume the role of Acting Chair. Served 90 days.
6 Robert Lethler
Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
James von Puchow 13 April 2010 25 July 2010 Erusian National Communist Party
First Chairman to successfully secure a third term, held for 103 days. By the end of this term he had served 265 days in office. Led a caretaker administration from 13 July to 25 July as a consequence of the withdrawal of the only candidate from the election in July 2010.
7 Will Sörgel
Democratic People's Republic of Sandus
James von Puchow 25 July 2010 28 July 2010 Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus
The Grand Unified Micronational's only elected chairman to step down from his position before the first Quorum of his term. As a consequence, James von Puchow, Vice-Chairman, was given the position of Acting Chair of the GUM for the remainder of M. Sörgel's term.
James von Puchow
Antarctic Community Of Landashir
Acting Chairman
None 28 July 2010 13 September 2010 Independent
Considered Progressive
Second Vice-Chairman to act as chairman, due to the resignation of Will Sörgel. Presided over the GUM when both its influence and levels of activity were rapidly declining. Entered into failed negotiations with the OAM regarding a proposed merger, and attempted to initiate a reform of the organisation, the only aspects of which that were actually implemented were bringing back the election schedule by - and therefore reducing his own term by - one month, and removing the last chances for the organisation to return to activity in the short term by dissolving the Councils. Announced that he had "dissolved" the organisation on 20 September 2010.
Vacant from 13 September 2010 to 14 August 2011
Jacob Tierney
Acting Chairman
Will Sörgel (Acting) 14 August 2011 13 September 2011 Independent
Considered Moderate
Informed various "former" member states that the GUM was de jure merely dormant, gathered together a Quorum and was elected Acting Chair. Led the effort to bring the organisation back from inactivity, and arranged for constitutional elections to take place a month after the "re-birth" of the GUM. Held office during the Yablokogate Scandal.
8 Jacob Tierney
Will Sörgel 13 September 2011 13 December 2011 Independent
Considered Moderate
The first constitutionally elected chairman in over a year, and the first chairman to be elected as such immediately after holding the position of Acting Chair. Oversaw the restoration of activity of the Security Council, the restoration of weekly national reports, and a large growth in the organisation's membership. Served a full 91 day term.
9 Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar
Empire of Austenasia
Sebastian Linden (until 18 Dec)
Lucas Campos (from 18 Dec)
13 December 2011 13 March 2012 Theodorist Party of Austenasia
The first chairman to appoint his vice-chair directly (albeit with approval from the Quorum) rather than have them elected. Successfully implemented a reform of the Constitution by codifying conventions and removing needless bureaucratic or defunct features. Oversaw the restoration of activity of the Advancement Council, the creation of a micronational human rights treaty, the establishment of the GUM Lounge and the status of observers, and a further large growth in the organisation's membership. Served a full 91 day term.
10 Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Will Sörgel
(from 14 Mar)
13 March 2012 22 April 2012 Wyvernian Liberal Party
Oversaw the de facto abolition of permanent observer status and encouraged several projects of the Advancement Council. Created the offices of Secretaries of the Advancement and Security Council. The first chair to be made to resign through a vote of no confidence, after being accused by a majority of member states of incompetence and a lack of knowledge on the Constitution, conventions, workings and proceedings of the organisation.
Will Sörgel
State of Sandus
Acting Chairman
Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar (Acting)
(from 25 Apr)
22 April 2012 13 June 2012 Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus
The third vice-chairman to act as chairman, due to the vote of no confidence passed against the Duke of Dullahan. Oversaw a large growth in membership.
11 Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar
Empire of Austenasia
Jacob Tierney
(from 17 Jun)
13 June 2012 13 September 2012 Theodorist Party of Austenasia
Re-elected to a second term as chairman. Restored permanent observer status and oversaw a regulation of the Official Diplomatic Staff. Chaired the first physically held in-person Quorum session on 15 July 2012 in London, and chaired and helped to organise the 24 Hour Quorum held a month later which raised over £80 for various charities. Held office during the creation of an application form for non-members.
12 Jacob Tierney
Free State of Renasia
Yaroslav Mar
(from 16 Sep)
13 September 2012 13 December 2012 Independent
Considered Moderate
The first chairman to be elected to a third term since Robert Lethler. Changed Quorum meetings from weekly to fortnightly.
13 Yaroslav Mar
Republic of Lostisland
Bradley of Dullahan
(from 16 Dec)
13 December 2012 19 January 2013 Lostislandic National Congress
Oversaw the creation of the GUM Post. Resigned as a result of controversy arising from accusations he plotted to remove political opponents from the GUM with the complicity of the vice-chair and the Secretary of the Security Council.
Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Acting Chairman
None 19 January 2013 19 January 2013 Wyvernian Liberal Party
Became de jure Acting Chairman upon the resignation of Yaroslav Mar as Mar's vice-chair, but resigned after 46 minutes in office.
Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Acting Chairman
Tom Turner (Acting)
(from 20 Jan)
19 January 2013 13 March 2013 Theodorist Party of Austenasia
Became Acting Chairman (as Supreme Judge; the only time the holder of said office has ever had to assume the chair due to the resignation of both the chair and vice-chair) after the resignation of Yaroslav Mar and Bradley of Dullahan. Oversaw the restoration of the organisation after the 2012-13 GUM leadership scandal, with many members who had left rejoining.
14 Richard Hytholoday
Dominion of Burnham
Leon Simpson
(from 17 Mar)
13 March 2013 13 June 2013 Independent
Considered Theodorist
Suspended the Security Council on the grounds of inactivity and vulnerability to corruption. Oversaw the creation of a new GUM website, membership application form and official Chair e-mail address. Also increased the quota of provisional member slots from five to ten.
15 Jacob Tierney
Free State of Renasia
Will Sörgel
(from 30 Jun)
13 June 2013 13 September 2013 Independent
Considered Moderate
First Chair to be elected to a fourth term, a record he would hold for over eight years. Presided over a period of declining activity, acknowledging himself at the end of his term to have been a "placeholder and peace-keeper".
16 Quentin I
Kingdom of Wyvern
Kuri Kabanov
(from 15 Sep)
13 September 2013 13 December 2013 People's Party of Wyvern
Served over a period of general inactivity in the GUM, the zenith of which the organisation reached when it failed to properly organise the December 2013 elections. Oversaw the abolition of the membership cap. The first chairman to represent and originate from the same country as a former Chairman.
17 Ciprian I
Kingdom of Juclandia
Adam I
(from 15 Dec)
13 December 2013 13 March 2014 Independent
Considered Radical
Oversaw the expulsion and demotion of several inactive member states. Moved part of the duties of the Quorum to a new venue, the forum. Re-founded the Press Secretariat for the GUM to serve as its PR office. Brought back the weekly Quorum meetings. Oversaw the opening of a Constituent Assembly and the successful abolition of the Constitution and ratification of a Charter for the GUM, which involved a structural reform of the organisation, by abolishing the Advancement and Security Councils, the abolition of all past GUM legislation, more powers for the Vice Chair, and different systems for approving or expelling member states, as well as other provisions.
18 Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Arthur Lobão
(from 16 Mar)
13 March 2014 13 June 2014 Wyvernian Liberal Party
Oversaw the creation of the Advisory Staff, an organ made to advise the chair, and later its abolition. Created the GUM Staff, an organ made up of all GUM officials, and created the GUM Peacekeeper Award, to be given to promoters of peace. Attempted to promote dialogue between the administrations of MicroWiki and MicroWikia.
19 Vera Hewitt
Ashukov Federation
Arthur Lobão 13 June 2014 13 September 2014 National Party of Ashukovo
Elected after having served a full term as Chairman of the Justice Commission. Oversaw the establishment of two committees, the Committee for the Drafting of a New Charter and the Mock Trial Committee. Oversaw GUM acquisition of the service. Oversaw the establishment of the GUM Library, and the creation of a wiki to serve as its hub. However, the Staff seldom met and Quorum was often postponed due to personal issues.
20 Adam I
Empire of Adammia
Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
(from 14 Sep)
13 September 2014 13 December 2014 Liberal Party of Adammia
Oversaw an overhaul of the organisation's internal administration, bringing many records up to date. Oversaw the creation of Junior Secretaries to assist the elected Secretaries, the creation of a directory of delegates, and the expulsion of three inactive member states.
21 Taeglan I Nihilus
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
Newton von Uberquie
(from 21 Dec)
13 December 2014 1 April 2015 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Presided over rapidly declining activity in the GUM. Led a caretaker administration from 13 March to 1 April 2015 following the failure of regularly scheduled elections.
22 Adam I
Empire of Adammia
Vera Hewitt
(until 14 Jun)
1 April 2015 30 July 2015 Liberal Party of Adammia
Led the Extraordinary Constituent Quorum which on 14 June 2015 transitioned the GUM from an international organisation of micronations into an association of micronationalists, leaving behind only the GUM Lounge.
23 Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Fionnbarra Ó Cathail (Acting)
(from 26 Apr)
30 July 2015 25 June 2016 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Elected under the provisions put in place for the GUM as an association based in the Lounge. Broke the record of Jacob Tierney for the longest time served as chairman on 27 January 2016 (4 January if time as Acting Chairman is counted). Led the process of transitioning the GUM back into a functioning intergovernmental organisation, chairing Quorums in the Lounge to draft a new Charter, which was adopted on 4 June, triggering elections.
24 Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata
Jonathan I 25 June 2016 10 September 2016 Conradh Daonlathais
The first chairman to be elected under the 2016 Charter. Oversaw a growth in membership and the consolidation of the newly revived organisation. Resigned halfway through his term upon the impending dissolution of his micronation.
Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Acting Chairman
Bradley of Dullahan 10 September 2016 25 December 2016 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Became Acting Chair for a second time upon the resignation of the chair. Oversaw the restarting of the Diplomabear World Tour under GUM supervision, amendments to the Charter, and a growth in membership.
25 Adam I
Kingdom of Überstadt
Shiro. (until 11 Mar)
Henry Clémens (from 11 Mar)
25 December 2016 28 March 2017 Independent
Considered Socialist
Oversaw judicial reform, the establishing of the SCRIL, and another amendment to the charter. Resigned due to other commitments infringing on his available time.
Henry Clémens
Essian Commonwealth
Newton von Uberquie
(from 2 Apr)
28 March 2017 25 June 2017 Independent
Considered Liberal
Became Acting Chair upon the resignation of the chair. Organised a second 24 Hour Quorum, saw the publication of the first GUM International Exhibitions, and the reorganisation of several inactive Secretaries into Secretariats. Appointed the first Associate Justices and expelled several inactive member states. Re-created a GUM email address and oversaw the creation of the GUM portal.
26 Newton von Uberquie (until 24 Sep)
Tarik Kârjasary (from 24 Sep)
25 June 2017 25 December 2017 Independent
Considered Liberal
Elected Chairman unopposed; only the second chairman to be elected as such immediately after holding the position of Acting Chair (after Tierney in September 2011). Passed an amendment creating the office of Speaker pro tempore, though later in his term repealed that same amendment. Saw the first Quarterly Statistical Report published. Oversaw the creation of an improved GUM News website. Attempted to combat growing inactivity in both the GUM and the MicroWiki community as a whole. Oversaw the loss and removal of multiple inactive member states and was responsible for several leadership reshuffles. Dissolved the SCRIL. At the end of his term instituted an amendment loosening Quorum into a monthly affair, moving most discussion and activity to the Lounge. The first chairman to serve a full six-month term under the 2016 Charter.
27 Adam I
Kingdom of Überstadt
Max I (from 14 Jan) 25 December 2017 7 July 2018 Independent
Considered Socialist
Previous Chairman. Served slightly over six months in office due to a delayed start of the election process.
28 Adam I
Empire of Adammia
Max I 7 July 2018 31 December 2018 Liberal-Moderate Party of Adammia
Elected to a third term. Took personal responsibility for many executive functions rather than appointing secretaries. Oversaw the adoption of the Wrythe Convention. Renovated the GUM news site and added a new membership application form. Oversaw the transition of the GUM from Skype to Discord and an associated increase in membership.
Max I 1 January 2019 30 June 2019 Liberal-Moderate Party of Adammia
First Chair since Tierney to be elected to a fourth term, and the only chair to date to have won two consecutive elections. Organised and oversaw the third 24 Hour Quorum and the 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit.
29 Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Jonathan I (from 7 Jul) 1 July 2019 31 December 2019 Wyvernian Liberal Party
Elected to a third term. Vice-Chair Jonathan I served as vice-chair with emergency powers from 27 November to 2 December due to the Duke of Dullahan having problems with internet connectivity for a week. Oversaw the increase in powers of the chair to make executive proclamations outside the Quorum, appoint Ad-interim staff members and suspend staff members for inactivity or misconduct. Proposed the creation of the Secretariat for Micronational Development and the Micronational Development Awards. Oversaw the end of the Greater Community Project and the start of the GUM Outreach project with the aim of making the GUM the bridge between communities. proposed the creation of the Advisory Council, an honorary position for former Chairs who had contributed a lot to the GUM. Increased the frequency Quorums were held from once a month to once every two weeks. Changed the names of the Outreach Officer and Events Officer to Diplomacy Secretary and Events Secretary respectively, to make sure all names of the functions within the Staff had the same style.
30 Thomas I
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
Matthew S. (from 11 Jan) 1 January 2020 30 June 2020 Independent
Organised the fourth 24 Hour Quorum. Despite serving through several scandals and the death of Diplomacy & Recruitment Secretary Nicholas Randouler, oversaw continued growth of the organisation to a record 40 full member states.
31 Newton von Uberquie
Uber-Essian Union
Matthew S. 1 July 2020 31 December 2020 Emo Rights Party
Organised the first Virtual GUM Summit and became the first chair in 8 years to meet his vice-chair in person. Oversaw the organisation through chaos within the MicroWiki community, but still achieved growth to a record of 50 members. Initiated Charter reform for the first time since 2016.
32 Jack Dean
Commonwealth of Essexia
Matthew of Essexia (until 11 Mar)
Vera Hewitt (20 Mar - 13 Jun)
Terry of Essexia (from 21 Jun)
1 January 2021 30 June 2021 Royalist Party of Essexia
Elected with the largest number of votes amidst the largest turnout in a GUM Chair election so far. Introduced a number of reforms including the Asia and Pacific Secretary, aided in the creation and implementation of the 2021 Charter, shifted votes to a 24-hour format, restarted the GUM-MDI initiative, launched a GUM Minecraft server, oversaw the restructuring of the discord server and created the Green Development Project, among other things. Nominated the most Vice-Chairs of any Chair (4), had the largest number of Vice-Chairs of any chair to date (3), and saw the first time a Chair and Vice-Chair were both delegates for the same micronation (Matthew of Essexia whilst acting Vice-Chair, and Terry of Essexia). Attempted to greatly encourage the growth of members from the eastern hemisphere, and oversaw a large-scale removal of inactive members. Resigned just 6 minutes before the end of his term.
- Terry of Essexia
Commonwealth of Essexia
Acting Chairman
None 30 June 2021 30 June 2021 The Greens (Essexia)
Became Acting Chairman after Jack resigned during the transition period; he therefore holds the shortest term so far at 6 minutes. First time that a succeeding chairman has been from the same micronation as their predecessor.
33 Anthony R. Clark
New Florence
Ashley Jaax (until 22 Aug)
Lord Mike Lewis (from 30 Aug)
1 July 2021 31 December 2021 Green Party of New Florence
Clark's administration initially focused on internal matters, like recordkeeping, membership applications, and the GUM's online presence. As the term progressed, the Clark administration organised the GUM's first Asia event, the 2021 24-Hour Quorum, a GUM Census, and a GUM World Map. Work also began to re-launch the GUM Guides as a quasi-journal. He also oversaw further legal developments to the GUM's Charter and Statutes.
34 Adam I
Empire of Adammia
Jack Dean (until 23 Mar)
Vera Hewitt (23 Mar - 17 Jun)
Newton von Uberquie (from 18 Jun)
1 January 2022 30 June 2022 Liberal-Moderate Party of Adammia
Elected to a record fifth term and became the longest-serving GUM Chair ever, becoming the first to accumulate over two years in the role. His term was marked by controversy in the community, in which he played a key mediating role between the MicroWiki administration and an anti-admin movement. However, this drama also saw the departure of key figures, including a vote of no confidence in Supreme Justice Abrams I of Ikonia, and it caused many manifesto pledges to be sidelined. Oversaw the return of membership applications to the main Quorum sessions.
35 Anthony Barauskis
Republic of Tinland
Rory Leonard 1 July 2022 15 August 2022 Independent
Won the GUM Chair election in a surprise victory. Following a brief six week term, a vote of no confidence was proposed against him for alleged "staffing issues... and a failure to comprehend the statutes and standing laws of the organisation", triggered by his failure to accurately report the attendance of another member state and also grounded in a perceived lack of action on manifesto pledges. Barauskis chose to resign rather than to contest the vote. Oversaw a notable improvement of the organisation's social media presence.
- Rory Leonard
Empire of Lurdentania
Acting Chairman
Jack Dean (from 21 Aug) 15 August 2022 6 September 2022 Independent
Became the acting chair following a vote of no confidence filed against Anthony Barauskis.
36 Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Newton von Uberquie 6 September 2022 31 December 2022 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Elected to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Chair Anthony Barauskis, on a platform of overseeing a return to order after the past few months of instability, and cracking down on unprofessional behaviour. Oversaw the creation of the Heritage Council alongside Vice-Chair Newton von Uberquie, organised and chaired the organisation's third in-person Quorum, and arranged for a replacement for Diplomabear. Held some Quorums at non-standard times of day to cater to delegations from different timezones.
37 Shiro Mephistopheles
Imperial Federation of Zenrax
Jonathan I 1 January 2023 30 June 2023 Independent
Continued the policy of Jonathan I to hold Quorums at different times for different timezones, nominating him as Vice Chair and alternating the chairing of meetings with him. Held office during a time of decreasing engagement with the organisation by many delegations.
38 Simon White
Commonwealth of New Virginia
James Bornstein (until 9 Oct)
Bradley of Dullahan (from 24 Oct)
1 July 2023 31 December 2023 Free Democratic Party
Presided over a period of decreasing activity, with some long gaps between Quorum meetings and the resignation of his initial Vice Chair. Created a Reform Committee to discuss prospective future changes to the organisation.
39 Anthony Barauskis
Republic of Tinland
Sertor Valentinus 1 January 2024 Incumbent Independent
Incumbent, elected to a second term in office.


  1. This an informal style, used only on occasion, often by parties outside of the Grand Unified Micronational.