Royalist Party of Essexia

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Royalist Party of Essexia
LeaderRt Hon. Jack MP
Founded17 September 2018
HeadquartersChelmsford, Essexia
Social liberal
Political positionCentre
Centre-right to Right-wing
Colors  Regal Purple   Hot Pink
SloganWe tried democracy once, it's not all it's cracked up to be.
Parliament Seats
7 / 11
Cabinet Members
4 / 15

The Royalist Party of Essexia is a member of the ruling Giraffe Concordat in Essexia. Until 2019, the party had never had a leadership election since its creation, thus Lord Matthew had always been the uncontested leader. However with the appointing of the first Royalist party First Minister Lord Jamie on the 27 May 2019, Lord Matthew resigned his seat to allow an easier transition for Lord Jamie into his new premiership.

The party is described as Monarchist, due to its close affiliation and absolute support of the Essexian monarchy- however in recent times the party has strayed from its roots supporting increased parliamentary power. The party has been widely celebrated as the driving force in the development of Essexia, and fundamental in the ratification of the constitution.

Founding and principles

The Royalist Party of Essexia was founded on the September 2018, shorty after the establishment of the 16th September coup. Its principles soon emerged as being solely pro-monarchist and relatively pragmatic with regards to the general governance of the Commonwealth, emancipating itself from the labels of a particular ideology. As a result of its apparent political neutrality, the party gained membership quickly and soon emerged as a dominant force in Essexian politics. However from the outset, the restraint of the party from adopting the social-economic principles of an ideology have led it to be called indecisive and vulnerable to extreme elements such as populism or socialism rising up within the party. Despite this, the party still maintains neutrality (apart from its pro-monarchy stance), which has led it to be legally endorsed by the Emperor. This endorsement has been criticised, since some of the social-economic policies of the party during their time in office have been labelled as conservative.

However, with the introduction of the Jamie Ministry more liberal elements of the party have come to the surface, with some calling these new Royalists "Red Royalists" (as their values on social and economic issues have more in common with the LSC than many members of their own party). The, so called, New Royalists are generally seen as more centrist and liberal than their traditional counterparts and are more open to the idea of expanding democracy, but will still fiercely defend the Emperor. The New Royalists, although small in number, have some high ranking officials in the party, especially with newer members, Lady Becky is widely regarded as a New Royalist and Lord Jamie is as well, but most of the party backbenchers are more traditional Royalists.


The Royalist Party of Essexia was founded in September 2018 by Lord Matthew, by the request of the Emperor who wanted a pro-monarchy force in Essexian politics [citation needed],After the coup of September 16, which saw the overthrow of the monarchy.

The party is widely attributed to the success of the New Years Reforms, in which the nation underwent a series of drastic changes including the enactment of a constitution and creation of a permanent cabinet.

On the 27th May, Lord Jamie of Essexia was appointed as First Minister, becoming the first Royalist politician to hold the role. On the same day, Lord Matthew tendered his resignation of the party leadership, enabling Lord Jamie to emerge as the figurehead of the Party.

On the 1st of July 2019, the Royalist Party officially merged with the Weeaboo Rights Party before the election. The election saw the Royalists win 77.9% of the national vote in the first annual election, giving them their largest vote share in history. This enabled them to achieve 8 out of the 11 Parliamentary seats available. To date, this is still the greatest electoral victory any Essexian party has achieved.

Following the events of the Black Weekend the Royalists were forced out of power and into opposition as many of the more traditionalist members leaving, so the party became dominated by the constitutional liberal-wing of the party, turning the party into a party of constitutional monarchism, drifting away from the absolutism intended by its founders. The separatists formed the Old Guard Party, which would become a significant force in Essexian politics until it merged back into the Royalists after inactivity in 2021.

The Rt Hon. Jamie announced his resignation as Leader of the Royalist Party on the 12th of January 2021, passing leadership to the Rt Hon. Jack.

In the 2021 Essexian general election, the Royalists were able to secure 7 seats, a majority of 2, due to an unprecedented low voter turnout (Just 14 votes, or 11%). It was the greatest electoral success the party had seen since the 2019 election.

Royalist Party Leaders

Royalist Leaders
Name Portrait Country of birth Periods in office
Rt Hon. Matthew United Kingdom 17 September 2018 - 27 May 2019
252 days
Rt Hon. Jamie United Kingdom 27 May 2019 – 12 January 2021
536 days
Rt Hon. Jack United Kingdom 12 January 2021 – present