Treaty of South Jaywick

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Treaty of South Jaywick

The Treaty of South Jaywick was a treaty signed between Emperor Terry and Lord Matthew, who was advocating for the removal of Prince Jack. The treaty stated 3 terms to which Emperor Terry, Lord Matthew and the rebel faction would agree to:

  1. "A new [Prince] MUST be elected by popular vote"
  2. "[Prince] Jack MUST be stripped of his assets as former [Prince], and his title of [Prince]."
  3. "The Rebel Faction MUST agree to not complain or go on strike over the new [Prince]."

The treaty was signed by Emperor Terry and Lord Matthew on the 5th of August 2018.

The build up

The main reason for the creation of the rebel faction was the outrage over the temporary banishment of Lord Ben for one minute after he attempted to fine the Prince for breaking an apparent law surrounding banned jokes. However, The Prince also had a large gambling addiction, and was therefore the richest person in the realm by a few thousand Yen, which angered the rebels and King Terry.