Hot Pink Friday

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Hot Pink Friday

The event in question revolved mainly around Emperor Terry of Essexia.
Date19 February 2021

Old Guard Party, Giraffe Concordat, Armed Forces

The Greens, Rhino Alliance

Hot Pink Friday was a significant event in Essexian politics. It is the latest in the series of Drab Colour Controversies, however it slightly deviates from the Dean Events Naming System in that the colour it is named after is 'Hot Pink'. It was previously planned to be called 'Brown Friday'.

Events leading up to Hot Pink Friday

On the evening of the 18th February 2021, Princess Becky announced that she was switching parties from the Royalist Party of Essexia to The Greens. This left the ruling Giraffe Concordat government with a majority of just one.

The Event