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Commonwealth of Essexia
Flag: Essexian reich.pngCoat of Arms: Essexia Coat of arms.png

Essexius; Cordi Esse Unitum
South-East England, East Anglia, Essex
Capital city Chelmsford, Essex
Largest city Colchester
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No Official Religion
Short name Essexia
Demonym Essexian
Government Constitutional Monarchy/Representative Democracy
- His Majesty the King King Terry
- The President Rt. Hon. Earl Finn
- First Lord of the Treasury Rt. Hon. Earl Finn
Legislature Royal Essexian Senate
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 75 seats
Established 26th December 2017
Area claimed 3,670 km^2(1,420 sq mi)
Population 1,820,400 Mid. 2017 estimate
Currency Essex Yen (¥) (EXY)
Time zone UTC +00
National sport Paradox Interactive Grand Strategy Series
National dish Pork Plugga
National drink Tiger Beer
National animal Fallow Deer
Patron saint Guglielmo Marconi

The Commonwealth of Essexia is a Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Democracy micronation that aims to cover the County of Essex, UK. Essexia is to be created after the Essexit movement, in which citizens of Essex will gain independence from the United Kingdom, and forge a new nation known as Essexia. Essexia currently and officially controls 11 pieces of land, all of which within the county of Essex, UK. Altogether, Essexia exists upon approximately 13 acres of land.

Essexia used to be the Queendom of Essexia, which was a Constitutional Monarchy led by Queen Terry, and then the Federation of Essexia, which was briefly led by President Jack, and a senate of revolutionaries.


The name Essexia comes from the English county of Essex, of which Essexia aims to make independent.


Essexia was first founded on the 26th of December 2017, and after a brief period of inactivity, was re-founded on the 20th of July 2018. The first and current Queen of Essexia is Her Majesty Queen Terry of Essex. The first Princess of Essexia was Her Majesty Princess James I of Essex, however he was expelled from the monarchy after major civil unrest and attempting to usurp the Queen along side the traitor Jamie. The second Princess of Essex was Her Majesty Princess Harry of Essex, however Queen Terry replaced him with Her Majesty Princess Jack, who was forced out of the position by a rebel faction lead by Princess Matthew due to his belief that Princess Jack was abusing his power. However, Jack was later made a Princess again alongside Princess James on the 19th of August by Queen Terry as the Queen believed Jack would be able to contribute more than Princess James.

On the 22nd of August 2018, Queen Terry, Princesses Jack and James, and citizens Adam and Matthew all helped to build the Bepsi Memorial Dam in Essexia, which was to commemorate the CVS-02 REQ Bepsi and it's journey from Chelmsford to it's current location.

On the 16th of September, Queen Terry passed an act stating he was entitled to the Yen of all citizens. The Senate immediately began a revolution via a vote of no confidence, however the Queen dissolved the Senate, leading to the creation of the Federation after the Queen would not hand over power.

On the 19th of September, the revolutionary Senate, after negotiating with Queen Terry, decided to end the Civil War and temporary leadership of the National Conservatives by declaring the Commonwealth of Essexia, with King Terry as a ceremonial Head of State, and Rt. Hon. Earl Finn (Leader of the Liberal Socialists) as the President.

The RAE led a successful infiltration and takeover of the City of Chelmsford on the 19th of October, when specialists infiltrated and patrolled the city's centre for an hour. The operation was known as Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK), and was considered a significant success.

Government and Politics

The Commonwealth of Essexia is a Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Democracy, with the 2018 Constitution of the 2018 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia being based upon the Constitution of the United States of America. The micronation is led by the President, who represents and is voted in by the Senate (AKA The Parliament of Essexia), and a ceremonial Monarch as head of state. The Senate is made of people who had been senators in the Queendom. The First lord of the Treasury is voted in by the Senate to head the Royal Bank of Essexia.

Essexia was a Constitutional Monarchy, with the 2018 Constitution of the Empire of Essexia being based upon the 1967 Constitution of the Principality of Sealand. The Monarchy consisted of the Queen and his/her Princesses, as well as a senate (AKA The Parliament of Essexia) chosen by the Queen. All Royal titles were considered to be traditionally female in other cultures, such as the Sovereign title always being Queen, and his/her associates or subordinates being Princesses. Essexia used these traditionally female titles to distinguish the nation and its culture from other micronations, and create a unique sense of tradition. The Royal Senate consisted of elected members who must've be approved by the Queen, and if not approved the Queen may choose someone else to represent their constituency, this person can be anyone the Queen wishes. The Queen may have empower anyone to any position within the Government. The First Lord of the Treasury was appointed by the Sovereign to head the Royal Bank of Essexia as well as being involved in certain parts of the Government of Essexia. While the Sovereign could choose anyone to be the First Lord of the Treasury they tend to be people who are already part of the Senate.

On the 26th of July 2018, Earl Finn created the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia.

On the 28th of August 2018, GAF/GAF Princess Jack created the National Conservative Party of Essexia.

On the 16th of September 2018, the National Conservative Party of Essexia became the leading party of the Federation.

On the 19th of September 2018, the Commonwealth of Essexia was declared, with the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia becoming the leading party, and King Terry becoming the ceremonial head of state.

On the 14th of October, Essexia claimed the area of Slough, UK, and on the 15th, Senator and G/A Matthew was promoted to Lord Minister and Governor General of Slough.

Law and Order

It is the Royal Army of Essexia's role to maintain law and order in the country.

Foreign Relations

Essexia aims to become independent from the UK, however it wishes to maintain very positive and close relations with the UK, as well as Europe and the Principality of Sealand.

Essexia wishes to import many important materials and products, and export athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as products, food, and vehicles.

Essexia aims to create the Essexia Football Federation, as well as the Board of Sports and Entertainment, in order to compete against other nations, micronations, and it's own villages/towns/states.

On the 6th of September 2018, the President of the Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia sent a "Diplomatic Communique" to the citizens and government of Essexia, requesting a treat of friendship or cooperation, to which Princess Jack, with the approval of Queen Terry, approved a mutual cooperation with the micronation on the 8th of September.

On the 24th of September, Essexia was contacted by a diplomat from The Diarchy of Lensabia to enter into a Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation, however the Senate wished to deny this request as the micronation did not appear to have developed to a sufficient level.

On the 14th of October, Essexia entered into two Treatises of Mutual Cooperation, one with the Swedish Imperium, and one with The Grand Kingdom of Riverhoek.

On the 15th of October, the Senate decided against forming an international alliance with Riverhoek.

The 19th of October saw Essexia's military take-over of the city of Chelmsford, however neither Essexia nor the United Kingdom declared war. Therefore, neither state are at war with each other.


Essexia has 3 armed forces: The Royal Army, The Royal Essexian Navy (Ship call sign: Royal Essexian Queendom [ship name]), and the Fröhlichwaffe (Airforce). The names of the armed forces stayed as 'Royal' after the Essexian Coup of September 16th to present tradition, and to show the King is still a ceremonial figurehead.

Essexia's armed forces equipment is designed and manufactured by the Government, and by Essexians who have been allowed to design and manufacture equipment by the Government. The most notable manufacturer of military equipment in Essexia is Princess Jack, who has built the CVS-01 REE Jaywick (a Jaywick-class light-carrier, and Essexia's first aircraft carrier), and the R/C-1A 'Pelican' (An experimental glider). He also maintains the R/C-2 'Raptor' VTOL and R/C-3 'Bear' fighter planes, both of which are carrier-capable and can be launched from and recovered to the Jaywick.

The Royal Army of Essexia consists of volunteers who watch the surrounding areas that they reside in, so as to cover as much ground as possible. They completed the first military operation in Essexian history on the 19th of october, with OP: Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK). It was a significant success, and secured Chelmsford as Essexian land.

The Royal Essexian Navy consists of the CVS-01 REQ Jaywick, a Jaywick-class Super Carrier used for recovering and launching carrier-capable radio fighters, the CVS-02 REQ Bepsi, a modified shopping trolley with the parts of an office chair merged with the metal frame, which was a battleship before it went MIA, the CVS-03 REQ Danbury, a Danbury-class light carrier, the CVS-04 REQ Sandon, a Danbury-class light carrier, the CVS-05 REQ Purleigh, a Danbury-class light carrier, and the CVS-06 REQ Southend, a Southend-class light carrier. The Jaywick was named after the village of Jaywick, in Essex. The purpose of the Jaywick is to deter enemy activity, and to perform Naval and Air shows to motivate the armed forces and people of Essexia. The selling points of the Jaywick are it's approximate 1.8 metre length, advanced linear-motor electromagnetic catapult system, arrest wire, and water-proof, oxygen-filled-cardboard hull design.

The Fröhlichwaffe consists of one R/C-1A 'Pelican' experimental glider, one R/A-2AB 'Raptor' carrier-capable VTOL, and one R/C-3B 'Bear' carrier-capable plane. The 'Pelican' was the first plane to be built within and by Essexia, as the 'Raptor' and 'Bear' are Chinese built and designed. The 'Raptor' and 'Bear' are both carrier-capable, hence Essexia only using the B variants.

GAF/GF Princess Jack is the General of the Armed Forces and General of the Air Force (The Fröhlichwaffe), while GA Matthew is the General of the Royal Army of Essexia, and GN Ben S. is General of the Royal Essexina Navy.


Essexia prides itself on it's many technology projects. GAF/GF Princess Jack heads many of the projects under an unofficial organization known as CRESER (the Community of Royal Essexian Scientists, Engineers, and Researchers), alongside scientists GN Ben and ex-Princess Harry. Jack is credited with recording and designing most of the projects and products, whereas Harry is credited with coming up with the Von Braun-Type Mark 1 Potassium-Nitrate/Sugar rocket, and Ben is a lead engineer. Current known projects include the aforementioned rocket, Tesla-Type Mark 1 and 2 Linear Motor Catapults, Project: Basildon and a project to make coilgun technology.

Geography and climate

A map of East and West Danbury, with Earl Finn controlling the West, and Sen. Jack controlling the West.
Map of the Commonwealth of Essexia.

In recent years, Essexia has experienced odd weather due to the world's changing climate, and so some summers have been unbearably hot, whereas some have been unusually cold, and so with the other seasons. For example, the summer of 2018 experienced very little rainfall and lot's of high temperatures, leading to mass-scale grass and plant death and service problems.

The highest point in Essexia is Danbury, specifically Danbury Church. Therefore, in the event of a natural disaster or security breach, Danbury is the designated safe zone for Essexia.

Essexia's main bird species are wood pigeons, Black-headed gulls, common gulls, and other birds indigenous to the UK. A common sight is the Eastern Gray Squirrel, a tree rodent that causes many problems, and is not originally from Essexia.

In terms of infrastructure, Essexia has traffic-filled roads, and a mixture of country lanes and high-speed motorways.

The most notable building in Essexia is Les Paddocks, which is a Royal Palace, Military Fort, Naval Port, Air Base, Private Hotel, and Government meeting point. In addition, there are several other notable buildings in Essexia which act as outposts, citizen houses, government buildings and etc.

As stated in the opening to this article, Essexia currently controls 11 pieces of property, which sums to approximately 13 acres. Additionally, they control the City of Chelmsford without opposition.

Due to both Earl Finn and Senator Jack owning crucial land within the settlement of Danbury, it was agreed to split it into East Danbury (controlled by Senator Jack) and West Danbury (controlled by Earl Finn).


Essexia's national currency is the Essexian Yen (¥). It's currency consists of paper notes, in the form of the ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, and ¥100 notes, all of which are horizontal, coloured according to the denomination, and feature King Terry on the reverse and an Essexian figure on the front. Five Essex Yen is equal to One British Pound. Both Essex Yen and British Sterling are accepted in Essexia. On special occasions, the Essexia Royal Mint may print vertical notes which are legal tender, and may feature varying background images and figures, however they will always feature the Sovereign on the reverse. Printing of the Essex Yen is controlled by the Royal Bank of Essexia.

On September 1st 2018, Senator Matthew produced the first estimated budget report for the Senate. He based the budget upon the county of Essex's economy, and displayed the following figures:

Welfare and Social Protection 25.80% 38,700,000,000
Health 21.25% 31,875,000,000
Education 12.45% 18,675,000,000
Defence 8.50% 12,750,000,000
Public Order and Saftey 7.10% 10,650,000,000
Housing and Infustructure 6.20% 9,300,000,000
Industry 5.25% 7,875,000,000
Transport 4.50% 6,750,000,000
GDI 2.90% 4,350,000,000
Agriculture 2.05% 3,075,000,000
Foreign Aid and Investment 1.65% 2,475,000,000
PR (Propaganda) 1.00% 1,500,000,000
Royal affairs 1.00% 1,500,000,000
Emergency Funds 0.34% 500,000,000
Charity 0.01% 25,000,000
100.00% 150,000,000,000

The 22nd of October 2018 marked a significant day in Essexia's economic history, as the first Essexian business was established. The Essexian Electrical Corporation (EEC, later changed to Proper Products Corporation) is a plc. consisting of 100 shares which can be bought on the Commonwealth's Digital Stock Market. As of the 22nd of October, King Terry currently owns 49 of these shares, with Chief Executive Officer of PPC Plc. Jack owning the other 51, and each share costs ¥100, and gives the owner 1% of the company's weekly profit (before redaction in Tax).


There are seven radio stations in Essexia, of which three belong to the Radio Dean Group, three belong to the FAR Network and the final one is the Royal Tune List of Essexia which belongs to his majesty the King.

There are many theatres throughout Essexia, most notably Southend's Cliffs Pavillion, and Chelmsford Picturehouse (Civic Theatre).

In Danbury, a large mansion exists called Danbury Palace, which is always interesting to view.

In Chelmsford, Hylands House is a rentable neo-classical villa with much history. The gardens are open to the public at specified times, and the building is often used in film productions as a substitute to the White House in the USA.

Unfortunately, in recent years many travelling communities (often referred to as Gypsies) have illegally taken up residence on farms, parks, and open spaces in Essexia, which leads to violence, crime and/or unrest in the local area.

There are 15 registered citizens who currently live within Essexia's lands, however considering the close family and friends that these citizens have, and the amount of help we have received from these individuals who are not registered but support the micronation, Essexia may have anywhere between 10 and 40 citizens, or at least supporters.

There are 4 people who hold Essexian Citizenship.

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