Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia

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The Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia
Flag: Pasavantiaflag.pngCoat of Arms: Unbenannt.png

et per oppositum unitatis (Latin: Unity through opposites)
Kibō no Uta
JFKS Highschool, Pasavantia
Capital cityJFKS Highschool
Largest cityJFKS Highschool
Official language(s)English and German
Official religion(s)Followers of Harland
Short namePasavantia
GovernmentPresidential Soviet Republic
- Prime Minister.
LegislatureOffice of the President
Area claimed42,038 m²
Population6 (as of 2018 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar, Euro, Pasavantian Dollar
Time zone(PVST)
National sportBaseball
National animalRam
Patron saintSt. Heinrich Suso
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

Government Web Site

The Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia is a micronation founded on the 5th of August 2018 by and during a conversation regarding micronationalism.


The name stems from observing the name of the german water solutions company Passavant [1] emblazoned on a manhole cover. and liked the sound of it, so they altered it slightly, and it became the name of their micronation.


After the walk that spawned the concept for the Pasavantian State, continued to conceptualize and plan the socio-political furnishings of the Nation. On the 10th of August, they officially declared the John F. Kennedy School [2], the sovereign territory of the State under German Non-Profit Law. This had been done with out consent or adversity by the schools administration and is seen as purely idealistic. Furthermore, that day also marked the appointment of as the Prime Minister of the State and as President. On the 14. of September, 2 new ministers were sworn into office.


Even though any military force is banned by the constituion, Pasavantia has a small armed police-esque office, called the Freedom Force.

Government and Politics

The Pasavantian State's aim is to further German-American relations and joint culutural experiences. Therefore, it has adopted the JFKS's school mission as its Decleration of Independence [3], and the school's philosophy [4] as part of its its constitution. The President is the head of State and is elected every 2 years. The Prime Minister is a honorary position, gifted to its bearers for life. Due to its youth, other government organs are yet to be established, along with citizenship records. However, those willing to become Pasavantian Citizens may apply through the form listed on the official website.

On Friday, September 7, the first session of the office of the President convened. With unanimous majorities, were appointed as head judge of the Supreme Court and Minsiter for Foreign Affairs respectively.

On Feb. 18., 2020 the position of Head Judge was reasigned to Cook by executive decision.

Foreign relations

The Pasavantian State is currently trying to engage in diplomatic comunications with a number of other micronations. Successful Treaties and Recignitions will be listed here: On the 6th of September 2018, our President sent a "Diplomatic Communique" to the citizens and government of Essexia, requesting a treatise of friendship and cooperation. On the 8th of September 2018, Lord Jack of Essexia, with the approval of King Terry of Essexia, approved a Treaty of Mutual Cooperation with the Pasavantian State, however Essexia ended this Treaty on the 29th May 2019 due to a lack of communication or activity.. Futhermore, Pasavantia's request for Membership in GUM is pending

Government Officials

Aside from the PM, President, and Head Judge, the Office of the President also includes the following Ministers:

Minister of the Environment

Minister of Finance
Minister of Foreign Affairs


The economy is primarily based on the products purchased in the State Cafeteria, and the array of merchandise available from the State Shop


The State has a diverse Fine Arts Program, along with a competitve Sports Program. Fine Art Projects include: Drama Performances, Art Exhibits, and Seasonal Concerts.


§6 Feast Day Law Declares the 23 January, the feast day of our patron saint Henry Suso, as a national holiday on which the Pasavantian people should indulge in deep thought and scientific research in honor of him. Vote: 3 yay 0 nay

§7 Anthem Repeal Repeals the Current Anthem: "We are Kids from JFK" Vote: 3 yay 2 nay and 1 abstention

§8 National Game Protection Act Any hunting of game bigger than a six legged insect, excluding butterflies and bees and wasps, shall not be tolerated! Vote 5 yay and 0 nay

§9 Schweitzerhof Park Annexation Act Annexes the public park bordering Pasavantia, and declares such the HQ of the Ministry of Environment. Vote: 4 yea majority vote.