Downeast Conference of 529

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Downeast Conference of 529
Logo of Event
Host MicroWiki@Discord
Organizer Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Venue MicroWiki@Discord
Date 26 June 2021
Participants 34
Chairperson Otto Gillespie Birch
Downeast Conference List

The Downeast Conference of 529, also known as the First Damariscottan Summit or simply the Downeast Conference, was a gathering of micronationalists hosted by the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta in conjunction with MicroWiki@Discord, the event took place on 26 June 2021 and saw at least thirty four nations attending.


Following the COVID-19 Pandemic and over a year of being mainly indoors, many micronations have faced issues inactivity and writers block facing many leaders and their nations, the idea of a digital summit to introduce ideas to other nations to assist in the inactivity crises. Otto Gillespie Birch proposed the idea of a summit to a few nations with some showing interest, those being Kingdom of Atlia, People's Republic of Adonia and the Kingdom of Aspen. Following months of planning Otto Gillespie Birch approached MicroWiki@Discord asking to advertise the summit. However Otto Gillespie Birch was then asked if it could be possible to hold the summit on the Microwiki Discord, which he happily agreed to.


The Conference was held on 26 June 2021, from 10 am to 1 pm EST, the event had four sections planned, with those being, an opening speech by Otto Gillespie Birch, then an introductory period where participants can introduce themselves to each other. After that a list of ideas for nations to do gathered by The Damariscottan delegation is to be unveiled, finally a period of questions and general conversation will be held with the event expected to be ending around 1 pm EST.


Name Representing Notes
Otto Gillespie Birch The Damariscotta Chairperson
Joe C Support Staff
Luxor  Mercia Support staff
Andrew  Austenasia Support staff
Jamie Birch Aurorak Researcher prior to event
Head of State Bavarian Democratic Republic Participant
Logan Medlin  North Dirigo Participant
Varuna Sriraya  Vishwamitra Participant
Shayan Republic of Kranoya Participant
Jack Dean  Essexia Participant
Aura Boreala Participant
Wes Lafitau Participant
King Francis Mathema Participant
Head of State Tailanseland Participant
Addison Dillon  Bonumland Participant
Ezri Ambriz  Laguna Participant
King Amir I Palmal Participant
Miles I Template:Country data Northway Participant
Sander Koff  Revalia Participant
Lorenzo Marquez  Belcity Participant
Christina Nowell  Cycoldia Participant
Esty Carpentieri  Pinang Participant
Dame Anni  Lehmark Participant
Robert Smith  Elysium Participant
Aidan McGrath  Paloma Participant
Matthew Millind Participant
Morwenna Fydtroust  Fesmar Participant
Andrew Perdomo  Pontunia Participant
Liam Alexander  Atiera Participant
Sertor Valentinus  West Sayville Participant
Kelvin Commonwealth of Belkazium Participant
Corinth Newton  Jutar Participant
Luis Marcel  Atlia Participant

Order of Events

On the 26th of June 2021, the Downeast Conference of 529 at 10 am EST the event is going to be started with an opening period for people to arrive then a message from the organizer, Otto Gillespie Birch is expected where he explains his experiences with Microwiki and what micronationalism means to him. Next a period of time to introduce participants and their nations is expected. A period of time is set to show off the list and answer any questions about said list. Finally a period of networking has been set aside for participants to speak to one another and possibly work together.