Republic of Belcity

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Republic of Belcity
Repubblica di Belcity
Flag of Belcity
Coat of arms of Belcity
Coat of arms
and largest city
Belcity, Regione di Belcity
Other languagesItalian, Ligurian, Irish, Belcityan
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
• President
Lorenzo Marquez
• Established
18 November 2019
• Total
0.15 ha (0.37 acres)
• Estimate
CurrencyEuro (€),Debel (Ꭰ)
Time zoneUTC+1
Calling code+39
IMSO 1 codeBLC
RIS 002 codeBC

The Republic of Belcity (Italian: Repubblica di Belcity) is a multiethnic micronation consisting of multiple non-contiguous pieces of land located in Italy, founded in 2019. The Belcityan microcode is BY.


Belcity was founded on 18 November 2019, by the first President of Belcity. He declared Belcity independent on the same day.


In 2020, Belcity began to open diplomatic ties and relations with other micronations. In April, Belcity received its first confirmed case of COVID-19. In September, Belcity founded the IACD with Pinang and Latvania.

Coat of Arms

Since 8 May 2021, the Republic of Belcity has had 2 coats of arms.

Coats of Arms of Belcity
First coat of arms Second coat of arms
CoatofArmsBelcity.png Coat of Arms of Belcity.svg

Administrative divisions

Name Flag Year Founded Citizens
Regione di Belcity
Aiuola BandieraAiuola.png 2020 0
Box BandieraBox.png 2020 0
Camera & Bagno BandieraCamera&Bagno.png 2019 1
Cameretta BandieraCameretta.png 2019 2
CantCom BandieraCantCom.png 2019 0
Cantina BandieraCantina.png 2019 0
Corridoio BandieraCorridoio.png 2019 1
Fermata BandieraFermata.png 2019 0
Magazzino BandieraMagazzino.png 2020 0
Mansarda BandieraMansarda.png 2019 1
Outer Belcity BandieraBelcityEsterna.png 2020 0
Parcheggio BandieraParcheggio.png 2019 0
Sala & Cucina BandieraSala&Cucina.png 2019 1
Scale BandieraScale.png 2019 0
Vialetto BandieraVialetto.png 2019 0
Regione di Vampiroland
Casa Belcityflag.png 2019 1
Scale BandieraScaleVampiroland.png 2019 2
Sottotetto BandieraSottotetto.png 2019 1
Vampiroland BandieraVampiroland.png 2019 1
Regione di Giusycity
Camere BandieraCamereGiusycity.png 2019 1
Palazzo BandieraPalazzo.png 2019 1
Stanze BandieraStanze.png 2019 1
Regione di Sarahcity
Casa BandieraCasaSarahcity.png 2019 1
Giardino BandieraGiardino.png 2019 1
Viale BandieraViale.png 2019 1
Regione di Elianacity
Camere BandieraCamereElianacity.png 2019 1
Cucina Belcityflag.png 2019 1
Sala BandieraSala.png 2019 1
Regione di Legoland
Legoland BandieraLegoland.png 2020 4
Other territories
Praglia Belcityflag.png 2021 0
Ragnoland BandieraRagnoland.png 2019 0
Rumiano BandieraRumiano.png 2019 0 (9 in Summer)
Belcityan Antarctic Territory BandieraBAT.png 2020 0 (179/298 estimated)
Bassas da India BandieraBassasDaIndia.png 2020 0
Islands of Pacific BandieraIP.png 2020 1
North Borovia BandieraNorthBorovia.png 2022 1


Since 12 September 2020, Belcity had been a member of the IACD. Since 15 April 2021, Belcity had been a member of The Gartius League, and since 21 April 2021 is a member of World Micronation Organization. Since 3 August 2021, when IACD and Gartius League merged, Belcity joined UMA. Also, since 13 August 2021, Belcity has been a member of AUDIMN.

Political parties

In Belcity there are a lot political parties: the National Belcityan Party, the Sock Party of Belcity, the Belcityan Conservative Alternative, the Center Party are some of them.



Belcity holds the Belcityvision Song Contest annually, and from 2018 has held the Vision.

Belcity has expressed interest in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

From 2021, Belcity helds the TVB Microvision Song Contest, open to all micronations and from 2022 the Belcityan Festival, a spin-off of Belcityvision Song Contest.

Official languages

The official languages of Belcity are Italian, Ligurian, Irish, and Belcityan. Vampirese, Cosante, and Mutism are languages recognized by the President.


There are 10 classes in Belcity's school.


Flag of Belcity.svg

The colours of the flag of Belcity are blue, orange and brown.



In Belcity, there are eight highways.

List of highways

Sign Highway Start Finish
B1.png B1 Belcity Vampiroland
B2.png B2 Ovada Sarahcity
B3.png B3 Near Belcity (Tagliolo Monferrato) Giusycity
B4.png B4 Caraffa Silvano d'Orba
B5.png B5 Capanne di Marcarolo (Bosio) Lerma
B6.png B6 Belcity Legoland
B7.png B7 Campo Ligure Near Giusycity (Pontedecimo)
B8.png B8 Ovada Montegrosso

Expressways (Strade extraurbane)

Expressways are important roads not classified as Highways due to their shortness, being only a few meters long.

List of expressways

Image Highway Region Start Finish
WBM.png Expressway WBM Regione di Belcity Wulagui Minu
Expressway 1 (Belcity) Regione di Belcity Mansarda Cantina
Expressway 2 (Belcity) Regione di Belcity Box EX4
Expressway 3 (Belcity) Regione di Belcity Vialetto Magazzino
Expressway 4 (Belcity) Regione di Belcity Scale Vialetto (start of B1)
Expressway 1 (Vampiroland) Regione di Vampiroland Ragnoland Chugoku

Other roads

The only other named road in the Republic is Vampiri Avenue in Ragnoland.


There are not any railways on the Belcityan territory.

Public transports

Road signs

Foreign relations

Territories recognized as Sovereign and Independent by Belcity

Territories with mutual recognition relations with Belcity


Belcity intends to to open embassies in every recognized country.

There are embassies in Italy, Rovia, Eastasia and Berry Empire. Berry Empire and Rovia also have embassies in Belcity.



Belcity's football federation

The Belcity's football federation is FBGC. The President founded in 2020 the World Micronations Football Federation (UCMM).

Belcity's national team

Belcity has a national team, but there are not any players. There is a soccer field which is used as a stadium.

Uninterrupted championships

The Uninterrupted championships started in 2020. There are 27 teams. If a team doesn't qualify for 3 consecutive editions, it will return newcomer.

Serie A

The first level for Belcity clubs is Serie A.


In Belcity there are RB and TVB (national broadcasters) and provincial broadcasters in most of the provinces (e.g. S&CRTV or MansardaTV).

Position of Belcity in Micronational rankings


The CGSC level of Belcity is 3.6. Belcity is 34th on the CGSC list.


The RSMS level of Belcity is 3.6. Belcity is 17th on the RSMS list.

Independence movements in Belcity

There is one area that want to be independent.

  •  Ragnoland
    • Reason: The President of Ragnoland did not recognize the annexation to Belcity and so he proclamed Ragnoland independent.
    • Proposed State: Ragnoland


BelcityFlagmap.png Flagmap of Regione di Belcity