Greater Rovian Empire

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Greater Rovian Empire
امبراطورية روفيا الكبرى
Flag of Rovia
of Rovia
Motto: Rovia The Prosperous
Anthem: Rovia our beloved.
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic, Rovani
ReligionNo official state religion
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Mo I
• Prime Minister
Esty Carpentieri
• 2021 estimate

The Greater Rovian Empire, also known as Rovia, was a micronation founded in June 3, 2020. Its motto is: Rovia, The peaceful, The prosperous, The perfect.

It was formed by Emperor Mo I. and it was Dissloved on October, 15 2021


old Rovian Coat of Arms
old rovian Coat of Arms

Rovian Movement: June 2020-June 2021

The Rovian Movement was the beginning of the foundation of Rovia, it was the movement that lead to the formation of the nation. The movement was lead by the founder, Emperor Mo I, who during this period got know many micronations and get them to be allies with Rovia once it was to be formed. The Rovian movement saw the Rovani language being built, The Rovian land being acknowledged as Rovian, and the slow but inevitable forming of the Rovian Government. It ended on June 3, 2021, when the newly elected prime minister and his cabinet, and the emperor, formed the Rovian Empire, and the cabinet began working for the nation.


The Kingdom of Rovia had three wars, two on the UCCS, and one against Yeshilova, the wars on the UCCS was declared by the UCCS because they were kicked out of The Gartius League. The war with Yeshilova was declared because of an incident between Rovian officials and Yeshilovan diplomats.

The Yeshilovan war was ended after both sides agreed to have a peace deal on 5:00 June 27th Of 2021. Both Nations have good relations now.

The two wars with the UCCS, Meanwhile, Were finished morally rather than on paper, as The UCCS was never heard of again after being kicked out of Microwiki.

Creation of the Empire

The Empire was formed on June 3, after two new colonies were introduced into the Rovian landmass.Viyeldty was promoted to state again after a brief state of being a colony.

Rovian Golden Age

The Rovian Golden Age began on June 3st and ended on July 22nd. During this brief period, Rovia experienced major political success with it's government, a flag and coat of arms change, and diplomatic success among many micronations. The Rovian Government saw change happening as Esty Carpentieri,Prime Minister of Rovia, picked his cabinet which would be running the country for a whole year. Rovia also gained the allegiance of Jamasatnia, which would be a vassal state of Rovia.

End of the Golden Age

On July 22nd, Jamasatnia proposed independence from Rovia. The vassal state of Rovia was an extremely hard country to run for Rovia. It was mostly inactive and Rovia could not help Jamasatnia much. The only achievement Rovia had offered was the appointing of Tobey Wyles as Prime Minister of Jamasatnia. As Rovia did not benefit from having Jamasatnia's allegiance with them, it agreed that Jamasatnia could stop being Rovia's vassal state. That marked the end of the rovian expansion, thus, the rovian golden age had ended.


On October 15th, Emperor Mo I was discussing to Esty Carpentieri and Parrattakorn Zakniyom about Dissloving Rovia, as result, Emperor Mo I gave Viyeldty to Pinang, Parrattesty to Kanazia, and the rest is giving to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Leading to Dissloving of Rovia.


Rovia is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy ruled by Emperor Mo I. It uses a Parliament as its Legislature, and has the role of Prime Minister and King as the two most powerful roles in the country. The first Prime Minister elections began on may 1st. The democratic socialist Esty Carpentieri had won the election.

Political Parties

Szoyalas Biregun Party: (In Rovani) The Socialist Unity Party. (Focuses on Socialism and Democratic Socialism.)

Kegeyet Ceamak Party: (In Rovani) The Royal Blue Party. (Focuses on Monarchism)

Shrekist Democia Party: (In Rovani) The Shrekist Democracy Party. (Focuses on Democratic Socialism)

New Democracy Party: (Focuses on Democracy.)

States and colonies

Rovia is subdivided in three states:

  • Cabarosty
  • Viyeldty
  • Psepulty

and one colony

  • Parraesty

The states of rovia each have their own city

Cabraosty province has the city of Koafa, which is in Alexandria, Egypt, on the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

Viveldty province has the city of Varurke, which is in Italy, on the lovely green hills.

Psepulty province has the city of Ehado, which is the capital of Rovia, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, close to the calm Red Sea.

The colony of Parraesty has it's own city as well, it is called Esparra.

Map of where rovian citizens are from
Map of where rovian citizens are from


The Greater Rovian Empire is mostly located in Asia and Africa, with just a few inches of land in Europe. Rovia borders the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Ms Paint (Virtually)
  • Italy(claimed land)
  • Paint 3D (Virtually)


Rovian currency: Pacuen
Old Rovian Banknote of 5 Pacuens

The official currency of Rovia is the pacuen. The Pacuen is the official bill of Rovia. The Pacuen was created by King Mo the I the first day Rovia was formed.

The picture on the right is the picture of the first pacuen bill that was introduced in the country: the five pacuen bill.

The pacuen is designed with different shades of green and blue, which was designed by by Emperor Mo I

Foreign Relations

Rovia is part of the The Gartius League,Inter-micronational Alliance for Cooperation and Development and the World Micronation Organization. Rovia has signed Mutual Recognition Treaties with the following countries: Pinang, Snagovian Federation, Socialist Republic of Kanazia, The Kingdom of Blazdonia


Recognized Micronations

Rovian National Honor Reward


Order of the red bird
Order of the red bird

Order Of The Red Bird.

Rovian National Honor Reward.