Greater Rovian Empire

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Greater Rovian Empire
امبراطورية روفيا الكبرى
Flag of Rovia
of Rovia
Coat of arms
Motto: Rovia The Prosperous
Anthem: Rovia our beloved.
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic, Rovani
No official state religion
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Mo I
• Prime Minister
Esty Carpentieri
• 2021 estimate

The Greater Rovian Empire, often known as Rovia, was a sovereign empire established on 21 April, 2021 by Emperor Mo I. Three parcels of land, one in Egypt, one in Saudi Arabia, and one in Italy, formed the Greater Rovian Empire. It no longer exists, but it has been recreated under the name of the State of Rovia.


old Rovian Coat of Arms
old Rovian Coat of Arms

Rovian secessionist age: February–June 2020

The Rovian Movement was the catalyst for Rovia's founding; it was the movement that led to the nation's birth. Emperor Mo I, the movement's originator, had begun to take on several responsibilities in certain Micronational governments during this time, and those same nations were to become friends with Rovia after it was created. The Rovani language was rediscovered during the Rovian revolution, and literature was improving among its residents, although at a modest pace. The movement came to an end when Rovian land was recognised as Rovian and the delayed but inevitable formation of the Rovian government, as the movement's purpose had been achieved. It came to an end on June 3, 2020, when the newly elected prime minister and his cabinet, as well as the emperor, united to establish the Rovian Kingdom, and the government began working for the country.


The Kingdom of Rovia fought three wars, two against the UCCS and one against Yeshilova. The UCCS declared war on the Kingdom of Rovia after being booted out of the Gartius League. Because of an incident between Rovian authorities and Yeshilovan diplomats, the war with Yeshilova was proclaimed.The Yeshilovan war was ended after both sides agreed to have a peace deal on 5:00 June 27 Of 2021. Both Nations have good relations now.

Meanwhile, the two conflicts with the UCCS ended on a moral rather than a legal note, since the UCCS was never heard from again after being thrown out of Microwiki.

Creation of the Empire

After two additional colonies were welcomed and added to the Rovian continent, the Empire was founded. After a brief period as a colony, Viyeldty was raised to state status once more. Emperor Mo I made the Kingdom of Rovia an Empire on June 3, 2021.

Emperor Mo commented on this later, stating that ''The Kingdom was the beginning, the Empire was the turning point.''

Rovian Golden Age

The Rovian Golden Age lasted from June 3 until July 22. Rovia enjoyed tremendous political success with its government, a revamping of its arts and technology, and diplomatic success among numerous micronations during this brief era. The Rovian government received a major boost when Prime Minister Esty Carpentieri chose his cabinet, which would govern the country for a year. Jamasatnia, a vassal state of Rovia, likewise pledged its loyalty to Rovia.

End of the Golden Age

Jamasatnia declared independence from Rovia on July 22. Rovia, a subordinate state of the Empire, has not achieved the same level of success as the rest of the Empire. It experienced minimal change and was cut off from the Empire. However, there had been one triumph, and that was in reorganising the government.

Tobey Wyles was chosen Prime Minister of the Empire of Rovia, which was hosted by the Empire of Rovia.

As Rovia fought to keep Jamasatnia under control, the Rovian Government and Emperor Mo I declared Jamasatnia independent. The Rovani Golden Age came to an end with the end of the Rovian expansion, as well as other political, technological, and cultural accomplishments.


On the 15th of October, Emperor Mo I met with the Rovani Government to discuss dissolving Rovia because to various issues that are still unknown to this day, save by high government officials. The empire was dissolved as a consequence, and the empire's land was transferred in the following order: Vyeldty to Pinang, Parraesty to Kanazia, although Kanzia has not administered it and doesn't consider it part of their land. The land has since been returned to Saudi Arabia. And the remainder has also been returned to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

On the same day, the Empire's demise was announced, and dissolution talks came to a conclusion.


Emperor Mo I governed Rovia, which was a Federal Constitutional Monarchy. It has a Parliament as its legislative body, and the Prime Minister and King are the country's two most powerful positions. On May 1, the first Prime Ministerial elections were held. Esty Carpentieri, a democratic socialist, had won the election.

Political Parties

Szoyalas Biregun Party: (In Rovani) The Socialist Unity Party. (Focuses on Socialism and Democratic Socialism.)

Kegeyet Ceamak Party: (In Rovani) The Royal Blue Party. (Focuses on Monarchism)

Shrekist Democia Party: (In Rovani) The Shrekist Democracy Party. (Focuses on Democratic Socialism)

New Democracy Party: (Focuses on Democracy.)

States and colonies

Rovia was subdivided in two counties:

  • Laurens
  • Viyeldty

and one colony

  • Parraesty

Each of Rovia's states has its own capital.

The city of Laurens, located in Alexandria, Egypt, on the lovely Mediterranean coast, is part of the Greater Laurens County.

On the gorgeous green hills of Viveldty province sits the city of Varurke, which is in Italy.

Karaz was the capital of Rovia and is located near the tranquil Red Sea in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The colony of Parraesty also has its own city, which is known as Esparra.

Map of where rovian citizens are from
Map of rovian citizens' ethnicity during the height of the empire.


The Greater Rovian Empire is mostly located in Asia and Africa, with just a few inches of land in Europe. Rovia borders the following countries:


Rovian currency: Pacuen
Old Rovian Banknote of 5 Pacuens

The Pacuen is Rovia's official currency.

The Pacuen is tied to the egg, thus one dollar will be worth 1.50 Pacuen in 2021.

On the first day of Rovia's formation, King Mo the I founded the Pacuen.

The image on the right shows the first Pacuen bill to be introduced in the country: the five Pacuen bill.

Emperor Mo I invented the pacuen, which is decorated with various colours of green and blue.

Foreign Relations

Rovia is part of the the Gartius League, Inter-micronational Alliance for Cooperation and Development and the World Micronation Organization. Rovia has signed Mutual Recognition Treaties with the following countries: Pinang, Snagovian Federation, Socialist Republic of Kanazia, Kingdom of Blazdonia


Recognized Micronations

Rovian National Honor Reward


Order of the red bird
Order of the red bird
Order of the Courageous Lion