Constitutional Republic of Libertas

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Constitutional Republic of Libertas
Flag of Libertas
of Libertas
Coat of arms
Motto: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
and largest city
Jade City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesSpanish, spoken only in petropolis.
Ethnic groups
Predominantly white.
GovernmentConstitutional Representative Democracy (Republic)
• Interim Prime Minister
LegislatureDistrict based congress
CurrencyUS Dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Constitutional Republic Of Libertas (Libertas) is a micronation located on the west coast of the United States. It was established on the April 29th, 2020. It is divided into districts, with there only being 2 (small) districts at the present time.The current population is 5 citizens. Despite having existed for a while, the nation had been largely inactive in the micronational community, though it has since become more active in the microwiki sector upon joining MW@D.



Petropolis is the former capital of Libertas, and the oldest city, having been part of the nation since its founding. The culture is not particularly distinct, and there are 2 full time residents. Petropolis is Greek for "Rock City." It has been shattered into several pieces, and has since been abandoned as the capital, though it continues to have residents. It is the host of every year's formation recognition.

Jade City

Jade City is populated by 4 residents and is the largest city in Libertas. It has a high LGBTQ+ community presence of 100%, and has been noted by residents as being "very, very gay". Being the second city, it is distinctly separate from the attitude of the nations founding, being less uptight about the constitution. Due to the destruction of Petropolis, Jade City has been made the capital.


There is no state religion, and citizens have absolute religious freedom. The most prominent religion is currently Judaism. The exact demographics are unknown, however a poll is scheduled. There are also heavy atheist and pagan populations.


Libertas maintains a policy of absolute neutrality, modeling itself after Switzerland, in order to avoid conflict with other micronations. Libertas used to hold an official no-recognition policy towards other micronations, but this ban was lifted with the passing of the 7th amendment to the constitution. It now is willing to recognize any micronation that does not have a competing land claim with another recognized micronation.



For 11 months, between April 19, 2020, and March 31, 2021, the constitution sat incomplete and un-ratified. Between June 2020 and March 2021, there was a hiatus in which all micronation-related work was paused, in order to both observe other micronations and further develop the ideas of the nation. There were no regulations made or government actions taken.


On March 31, 2021, the constitution was ratified and the legal code was established. An interim government was set up to guide the transition. On April 4, a second electoral district was established called Jade City. On April 5, Petropolis was dropped and cracked in half, beginning the search for a new capital which ended in the adoption of Jade City. On April 26, 2021, The state of Bretzclav split from Libertas, taking with it 1 citizen and the primary economic resource, 4 chickens. On May 30, 2021, citizenship registration was opened officially.


The national flag of Bretzclav

Bretzclav is a state that left Libertas in the April 2020 and is formally recognized by the interim government. It is a monarchy on the national level, and functions with a capitalist economy. The majority of citizens follow the polytheistic religion of Ketzetstrambun. They continue to maintain a positive and friendly relationship with Libertas.

Bretzclav currently has no mirowiki article.


A poll of the demographics of current citizens is scheduled and results will be posted here soon.


Libertas is Latin for liberty, with "constitutional republic" being a fairly literal description of the government. The motto is a common Latin saying meaning "who watches the watchmen?", intended to remind citizens to remain vigilant of those with power. The use of Latin being intended to be reminiscent of the Roman republic.


The flag of Libertas hanging off of a home.

The flag of Libertas is a blue canton on a yellow field with the blue stripes running across. It currently has no set width/height ratio. There is no symbolism, with the intention being that all citizens can find their own for it and identify with it in some way.


Between its founding in 2020 and the ratification of the constitution in 2021, there was no government, however an interim government has been established until enough citizens and regulations are present to maintain a functional democracy, as outlined in the National Governance Of 2021 Act, which outlines how the nation will be run until December 20, 2021, when elections will be held, and at which point the nation will become a functional Republic, hold congressional meetings monthly, and other functions as outlined in the constitution.

Misc. Details

Petropolis (while it was still complete) with a pen for scale.
  • Libertas' current territory is made up of 2 stones (Petropolis and Jade City) in order to ensure it has no contradictory land claims with anyone else.
  • Libertas' citizens do not live within the actual territory, for obvious reasons, though they are all residents of one city or another.
  • There are no criminal laws in Libertas, with the expectation that all citizens follow their home nation's laws, and that the micronational government will not impose unnecessarily on any citizens.


National Holidays
Name Date
New Year (Fiscal) January 1
Ratification Anniversary March 31
Formation Anniversary April 29
Election Day December 20

Mutual Recognitions

Flag Name Date Recognized Type Of Recognition
Bretzclav April 26, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition, Recognition Of Neutrality.
The New Rubix Republic May 2, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition
Labloibia May 3, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition, Recognition Of Neutrality.
Kingdom Of Elava May 3, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition, Recognition Of Neutrality.
The Republic Of Atlasia May 3, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition, Recognition Of Neutrality.
The Greater Rovian Empire June 4, 2021 Mutual Diplomatic Recognition, Recognition Of Neutrality.

Important Documents