Gartius League

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Gartius League
Flag of Gartius League
Emblem of Gartius League
Official languagesEnglish
  • 8 full members
• Chairman
Moe I
• Minister of Foreign Affairs
Esty Carpentieri
• Minister of Defence
Parrattakorn Zakniyom
• Minister of Development and Trade
Squirtzle I
• Minister of Regional Affairs
Andrew I
• Foundation
7 April 2021
• Dissolution
• Restoration
22 November 2022

The Gartius League is a diplomatic association founded by Emperor Mo I of Rovia for like-minded micronations to conduct diplomacy and assist one another with aid and information in order to support micronations in distress. The Gartius League was founded on April 7, 2021, to increase diplomatic strength among micronations, and numerous micronations joined to promote and support it. King Mo I of Rovia was the inaugural Chairman, while Eben Berkvens was the Deputy Chairman. On November 22, 2022 Emperor Mo I of the Second Rovian Empire, a member of the old Gartius League, and the head of the diplomatic alliance, re-founded the Gartius League. Some old members like Lalbloibia were uncontactable. Elava opted not to join again for several reasons but celebrated the league's revival. Only 4 founding fathers remain, Emperor Mo I, Prime Minister Esty Carpentieri, Emperor Pao,and President Lorenzo Marquez, heads of Rovia, Pinang, Huai Siao and Belcity respectfully.


Current members

Nation Date Joined Delegate
 Second Rovian Empire 22 November 2022 Emperor Moe I
 Pinangese Republic 22 November 2022 Esty Carpentieri
 Empire of Huai Siao 22 November 2022 Prince Eun Jo
 Republic of Belcity 22 November 2022 Lorenzo Marquez
 Kingdom of Ponchartrain-Maurepas 23 November 2022 Andrew I
 Empire of Muskratia 23 November 2022 Squirtzle I
 Socialist Republic of Kanazia 23 December 2022 Parrattakorn Zakniyom
 Commonwealth of New Capanesia 11 January 2023 Piya Daengja
Democratic Community of Nova Zmeitra 15 January 2023 Esty Carpentieri

Former Members

Nation Date Joined Delegate
United Provinces of Santorini N/A N/A
United Parlisme Kingdoms Of Begijnendijk N/A N/A
Jamastania N/A N/A
Empire of Bastra N/A N/A
 Kingdom of Blazdonia N/A N/A
 Kingdom of Elava N/A N/A
Labloibia N/A N/A
United Kingdom of Korea N/A N/A


Ending the war with U.C.C.S

Ending the war with the U.C.C.S was a necessary step because the leader of the U.C.C.S had been promoting dangerous and harmful behavior such as suicide and self-harm. This behavior was completely unacceptable and went against the values of The Gartius League. In response, The Gartius League voted unanimously to end the war with the U.C.C.S as a show of solidarity against such harmful actions and to promote a safer and more positive environment for all individuals.

Lessening the effects of climate change

The first and only meeting after the reformation of the Gartius League was held on 11/25/2022, where several micronations have agreed to decrease plastic consumptions and begin the process of encouraging citizens to recycle.