Kingdom of Elava

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Kingdom of Elava
Flag of Elava
Coat of arms of Elava
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
No state religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• His royal majesty
Harrison D.G
• Prime minister
Independence from the Kingdom of Sweden
• Declared
20 October 2020
• Estimate
8 (Includes citizens living abroad)
CurrencyElavan crown
Time zoneUTC +2
Date formatYYYY/MM/DD / DD/MM/YYYY

Elava, formally known as the Kingdom of Elava, is a micronation, or self-declared autonomous nation-state. It is situated in Skåne County in southern Sweden. It was established on October 20th, 2020, with the signature of its Ex Codice Elava (its founding document).


The Elysian Fields, often known as Elysium, are the basis for Elava's name. In Greek mythology, Elysium is a form of heaven for the brave and good.

The Elavan Crown, the nation's money, is named after the currencies of the Nordic nations, which are also called Crowns. They picked this name to honour the country's heritage, as it is located in Sweden.

Elavian is the demonym for citizens, although Elavan is used for everything else. The 'royal Elavan cyberforce,' as opposed to the 'royal Elavian cyberforce,' is an example. The now-defunct 'Elavian Academy' was an exception, albeit it, too, is now defunct.


Republic Era

Elava was established on October 20, 2020, when the Ex Codice Elava was signed. Several new laws and ordinances were enacted during the nation's first week, including some minor amendments to the Ex Codice Elava itself. The Animo Elava, Harrison I, proclaimed on November 5th that the Ex Codice Elava would no longer serve as its constitution. It will instead be regarded as their foundation document. The reason for this was that the formatting of the Ex Codice Elava made it difficult to do so in the same way that a true constitution text could.

Monarchic Restoration Era

With the '2021 Royal Decree of Conversion to Monarchy' act, Harrison I, the then Consul and Animo Elava, declared the country a monarchy on May 20, 2021. All diplomatic contacts, dukedoms, and the democratic constitution were all abolished as a result of the act. This was the commencement of the monarchic restoration era, so dubbed because it was during this time that Elava tried to restore their external ties and internal functions to their pre-monarchy state.

On April 29th, the queen appointed a prime minister. This was done in accordance with the constitution that was being drafted at the time. When the constitution was repealed, the prime minister's obligations were not abrogated; instead, they were extended for the remainder of their mandate.

The nation's position on micronational military has evolved significantly in the present monarchic era. A military was considered a waste of time and resources during the republican era. The Royal Elavan Cyberforce was included into the new military in early July 2021, when a 'royal Elavan armed forces' was founded.

Late in July, the monarch decided to abandon development on a constitution and instead rule by absolute authority. The constitution was scrapped because it was judged to be too much work for something that would only complicate and complicate the king's micronational vision. The constitution may be resurrected after Elava has established itself and the King no longer desires such a hands-on leadership style.

Politics and government

Elava is an absolute monarchy. The king however appoints ministers and other government positions to help him. Currently there are two ministers, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of finance.

Foreign relations

All diplomatic treaties with other nations were nullified when Elava converted to monarchy, therefore they are actively recreating their official international connections.

The Kingdom of Elava and the state of Vishwamitra have signed a mutual recognition contract.

Elava is a signatory to the Sough Convention on Climate Change (SCCC, 2020), and is one of the first countries to join. They've also been admitted as an observer state to the Cupertino Alliance.

Foreign relations of Elava
Name Date (first treaty) Type of relations
Constitutional Republic of Libertas 2021-05-03 Mutual recognition, Recognition of neutrality
Labloibia 2021-05-03 Mutual recognition
Rovia 2021-05-06 Mutual recognition
The United Kingdom of Korea 2021-06-16 Mutual recognition
State of Vishwamitra 2021-07-06 Mutual recognition


The 'Royal Elavan Armed Forces' are the military of the Kingdom of Elava. The 'royal army,' the 'royal Navy,' and the 'royal airforce' are its three branches. It also has a military wing known as the 'royal Elavan cyberforce,' or more popularly known as the 'REC.' The REC was established to safeguard Elava in the digital age in which micronations now live. But the REC serves a broader purpose: it fights to safeguard micronationalism as a whole, not only Elava.

In Elava, there is now just one military regiment. Lieutenant Moataz is the commander of the '1st armed guns.'

In Elava, King Harrison I is the military commander in chief.

The Royal Elavan Virtual Navy is the kingdom's virtual navy. Which has the following functions in the Stormworks game: build and rescue in the name of the kingdom. The virtual navy is separate from any other military organisation in Elava and exists solely for entertainment.

Geography and climate

The mainland of Elavan lies in Malmö, Skne, Sweden. Because of its proximity to the shore, it is windy and chilly, however it may still get quite hot in the summer.

Elava has a number of tiny territorial claims across the world, each with its own climate.


Elava currently lacks any kind of industry. It does, however, have a bank and a money in the form of the Elavian crown. Within Elava, there is a state-run central bank that oversees all monetary transactions. The finance minister is also in charge of dealing with the central bank and assisting with any potential trade.

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