Mo I, Emperor of Rovia

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Mo I, Emperor of Rovia
3D Portrait of Emperor Mo I
Portrait of the Emperor.
Emperor of the Second Rovian Empire
In office
March 26, 2022-in charge
Sultan of the Lands of the Pearl
in office
August 10, 2022- in charge
Sultan of the Lands of Gold
in office
August 10, 2022-in charge
King of the Lands of the Seas
in office
August 17, 2022-in charge
Prince of Psepulty
in office
March 26, 2022-in charge
Count of Grepulis
Predecessor none
Personal information
Born 2008
Citizenship Kivtonia, Pinang, Bonaterra, Ostonn and Belcity
Nationality Flag of Egypt.svg Egyptian
Ethnicity Egyptian
Political party The Greens (Bonaterra), Independent (Pinang), Democratic Socialists (Ostton) and Belcityan National Congress
Residence Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Occupation Student and Micronational Politician
Religion Islam
Political Ideology IslamicDemocratic Socialism and Green Politics
Political collocation Centre-left
Nickname(s) Mo

Emperor Mo I, (known by his regnal name Ceartor ( rovani for emperor) Mo I), and commonly referred to as Mo, is Emperor and Founder of Rovia, which was a movement in February 2020, and was fully independent on 3 June 2020. After its independence, Emperor Mo I worked with the Prime Minister and Part-Time Founder Esty Carpentieri, who was as elected as Prime Minister, all the way until the empire was dissolved on October 15, 2021.

After the dissolution of Rovia, Emperor Mo I continued his micronational career, being involved in his former allies' micronations, and holding multiple political positions within multiple micronations across the world. Mo concentrated on his positions and continued helping his former allies. After gathering some time and efforts, he eventually was successfully able to regain his position as emperor, and found diplomatic success for the empire as well.

Political career

Former offices

Mo I worked in diplomatic missions with nations that had political ties to Rovia, and later on, were abandoned.

Post 15 October 2021

Full-time Positions since 15 October 2021

  • Journalist in Jamastania
  • Party leader of the URP
  • Lord of New Impermia
  • Deputy Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Bonattera.13 November 2021-in charge
  • Minister of Defence, Belcity. June 3- in charge.

Dynastic Honors and Titles.

Emperor Mo I is the presenter of two dynastic honours of his house: the House of Mo.

The two honours, which can only be awarded by a member of the House of Mo, are present down below.

Ribbon Dynasty Honor Post-Nominal Letters
Ribbon Of The Order Of The Courageous Lion.png House of Mo Order Of The Courageous Lion OCL
Order of the red bird..png House of Mo Order of the Red Bird ORB

National Honors and Titles.

Emperor Mo I was the awarder for the Rovian National Honor Reward, which was an award only the Emperor could bestow upon a citizen of the Greater Rovian Empire.

After the Second Rovian Empire's formation, the national honor was brought back into existance.

Post-Nominal Letters: RNHR
Medallion of the Rovian National Honor Reward.

Foreign Honours


  • 26 March 2022 – present: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Mo I, Emperor of Rovia, Al-Moataz-Billah, King of the lands of the Seas, Sultan of the Land of the Pearl, Sultan of the Hub of the Red Sea, Duke of Psepulty, Deputy Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Bonattera, Belcitian Minister of Defence, Lord of New Impermia, Count of Grepolis, Governor of Speelbosje, General in the Royal Blazdonian Army, Second Lieutenant of the Kingdom of Elava, Knight of the Most Auspicious Order of the Mongkol Samphan, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious Order of the Saint Michael and Saint Olav, Member of the Order of Gandalf, Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the Auspicious Clouds, Sovereign of the Dynastic Order of the Order of the Red Dove, Fons honorum of the Medallion of the Rovian National Honor Reward